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Pokemon Sword and Shield officially reveals Glastrier and Spectrier

Pokemon Sword and Shield officially reveals Glastrier and Spectrier

Pokemon Company officially announces the latest two amazing new legendary Pokemon Pokemon Sword and Shield Download contents. Today, Pokemon Company has released a new promotional video showing Glastrier and Spectrier. This is two new legendary Pokemon that appear in. Pokemon Sword and ShieldCrown Tundra DLC. Pokemon such as Calyrex, Regidrago, and Regieleki were all released before the release of the DLC, but these two Pokemon were saved as a surprise as players progressed through the main plot line of the new DLC. Each Pokemon can be combined with Calilex, making the new Legendary Pokemon the first to have two active abilities at a time.

Players choose between Glastrie and Spectoria in the story of the Crown Tundra. After finding out that Calilex once caused an avalanche, players can choose to plant carrot seeds in either the old graveyard or the snow slide slope. Calilex uses seeds to turn carrot seeds into ice root carrots or shade root carrots, causing each Pokemon to spawn in the crown shrine. When Calyrex rides a Pokemon using Reins of Unity, the player fights Calyrex’s IcyRider or ShadowRider form. Once Calyrex is captured, players can use the Reins of Unity (located in the key item) to separate and rejoin Pokemon.

Both Glastrier and Spectrier abilities work every time you knock out a Pokemon. Glastrier’s Chilling Neigh increases Glastrier’s Attack when knocking off a Pokemon, and Spectrier’s Grim Neigh increases Spectrier’s Special Attack each time a Pokemon is knocked out. Importantly, these abilities are passed to Calilex whenever Calilex is in one of its rider forms.

When playing in the Crown Tundra, the player can only get one Pokemon, so if you need both Pokemon in your collection, you need a trading partner.

Crown Tundra can be purchased as part of Pokemon Sword and Shield Extended path now.