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Pokèmon Unite, a new MOBA soon available for Android

The Pokémon game factory does not stop production and new titles from the Japanese house continue to arrive. In 2019 it was announced and launched. Pokémon Masters, available for free on both iOS and Android, while last year it was announced Pokémon Unite.

The latter finally has a release date, although initially will be available in beta version. This trial will be limited to Canadian users and will begin in March, although it is likely to open to more countries soon, before the global launch.

Multiplayer battles with Pokémon trained by us

Pokémon Unite was created by TiMi Studios, a development studio owned by Tencent, previously responsible for hit games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings, one of the games highest grossing in the global mobile landscape.

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA, an online multiplayer game that will propose Battles 5 vs 5, following the line of other known stocks (and also owned by Tencent) such as DOTA. The game will consist of getting more points than the other team to win the game.

Obviously, the DNA of Pokémon will be well present because We will compete with the Pokémon we catch and train to level up, so what we do in the background of the game will be very important for each of the battles. The game has already had a small beta in China, its home country, but is now opening up to Canada to take the first steps towards an international debut.

Pokémon Unite will not allow transmission in its beta phase and once the game is finally released, all beta progress will be lost forever.

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