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Pokemon Yellow Easter Eggs Surprise Fans Over 20 Years Later

Pokemon Yellow Easter Eggs Surprise Fans Over 20 Years Later

Released in Japan in 1998 Pokemon Pikachu Incorporated many elements of the anime series. In particular, it provided the player with the first Pikachu, in contrast to the charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Pikachu chased the player like the anime Ash, which led to the discovery of Easter eggs that many fans missed! When the player navigates the lock tunnel, the area goes black and lights only if the player is using Flash HM. However, if Pikachu learns of Thunder or Thunderbolt’s movements in the cave, talk to Pokemon immediately and Pokemon will illuminate the area for a short time on its own!

Twitter user @ethandobbs shared a video of his achievements on Twitter. It is embedded below.

The tweet above got a lot of attention and many fans pointed out that they had never seen it happen in the game. Given the specific circumstances it takes for this to work in the game, it’s not surprising that so many Pokemon fans didn’t get it back that day! Fans who want to try the tricks themselves can try it with the original Game Boy cartridge, or the version released for the Nintendo 3DS. Pikachu’s tricks illuminate the cave for only a moment, so if you don’t want to navigate the cave in the dark, you need a flash!

Pokemon Pikachu This is the first time that a previously released “third version” of a Pokemon game (excluding the Japanese version) has been offered to viewers. Pokemon blue). This has become a tradition in the series, as several other games have offered similar products. Earlier this year, the Pokemon Company surprised fans and announced that it would abandon the third version. Pokemon Sword and Shield, Instead, choose to serve the additional content of the game as DLC. It is not yet known if this will become the standard in the future, but it is likely.

Did you know this easter egg in the game???Did you own Pokemon Pikachu With a Game Boy? Let us know in the comments or let us know what you think directly on Twitter. @Marcdachamp To speak all about the game!

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