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Police did not carry weapons or gases in a women's stall in CdMx: SSC

Police did not carry weapons or gases in a women’s stall in CdMx: SSC

Mexico City /

After protesters who marched for International Women’s Day accuse the police of the Mexico City used tear gas to disperse the protest, the Secretary of Citizen Security stated that none of the agents carried weapons, gases or chemicals, only their protective equipment.

Videos and accusations of women began to circulate on social media, stating that the police used tear gas, firecrackers and other types of devices to try to disperse the demonstration.

“The policewomen who participated in the march do not carry any type of weapons, neither fire nor rubber bullets, gases or chemicals; they only use personal protective equipment, as a containment measure, as previously mentioned,” he said. the corporation on Twitter.

In this regard, the Secretary of the Government of Mexico City, José Alfonso Suárez, indicated that it would be investigated if the agents did not follow the containment protocol, however, he also affirmed that they were not carrying weapons.

Those balls (of smoke) could be coming from other groups that are participating in the march, “said José Alfonso Suárez del Real in an interview with Azucena Uresti to Formula group.