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Practice: iOS 14.2 Beta 1 Changes and Features [Video]

Practice: iOS 14.2 Beta 1 Changes and Features [Video]

Apple is pushing out new software updates at a blazing rate, and such latest updates New iOS 14.2 Development Beta.. This beta update contains some notable changes. This includes a playing music interface that has been redesigned in the Control Center. Watch a hands-on video walkthrough exploring new changes and features in iOS 14.2 Beta 1.

New in iOS 14.2 Beta

Updated lock screen playing controls and AirPlay 2 interface

The lock screen for playing music controls has been updated with various subtle changes and features. The scrubber knob on the playhead indicator is larger, and the volume control knob is also larger. You will also notice that the timestamp showing the current position of the playhead is not on the left side of the timeline, but right next to the playhead. The remaining time, which was previously on the right side of the timeline, has been completely omitted in this new design.

Other new features include a new AirPlay button design and a new popover style for AirPlay 2 destinations. Similar redesigns have been adopted for the ability to control other AirPlay 2 capable speakers and TVs on the local network. Be sure to watch the full video walkthrough to see the new features in action.

Video: iOS 14.2 Beta 1 Changes and Features

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Control Center AirPlay 2 Control Redesign

The Control Center playback interface and AirPlay 2 controls have been redesigned, as well as the updated lock screen interface.

First and foremost, the album artwork in the currently playing interface is much larger, and even when the AirPlay 2 destination interface is open, full playback control of the currently playing music track remains on the screen. I will.

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If the media is not currently playing, iOS 14.2 Beta 1 will show the user a list of recommended media. In the example shown in the video, both recently played music and podcasts were suggested by iOS.

Other features of the Control Center are:

  • Quickly identify if other AirPlay 2 devices are active on your network through convenient animations
  • Larger scrubber handle and volume handle
  • Source icon indicator (ie podcast or music)
  • Time displayed near the scrubber
  • Difference in AirPlay button design
  • Music app also gets updated AirPlay popover

Another notable feature we’ve already covered in 9to5mac is the new Shazam Music Recognition CC toggle. As explained in a previous post, This new toggle allows users to quickly identify the music currently playing in their local environment or device. This switch also allows you to identify the music that is currently playing on your headphones.

In addition to the features mentioned above, early iOS 14.2 beta includes the following changes:

  • Detecting people with the magnifying glass app for social distance
  • View the app in new Apple Watch Solo Loop App icon
  • Reduced loud sound and renamed to headphone safety
  • Improvement of hand washing by analysis

9to5mac view

initial iOS 14 public version released, Still, there’s a brand new iOS 14.2 beta that we’re still exploring. There’s a lot to bring in, but it’s no surprise that Apple continues to push for new beta releases to help crush and implement features that didn’t help reduce iOS 14. Some of the unresolved iOS 14 bugs..

What do you think about the new AirPlay 2 interface changes and playback controls in iOS 14.2. Please leave a comment in the comments.

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