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Pre-order for PS5 | PS5 UK inventory update, place of purchase, release date


PS5 pre-orders proved to be making something like a roller coaster Playstation 5 One of the hardest consoles to get, despite a wave of pre-orders.

Finding new inventory in the UK (and US) has become nearly impossible, but some consoles (especially) very). As you get closer to launch, there are several places to keep checking.

We found that the two consoles available were the main PlayStation 5 (£ 449.99) and the Digital PS5 edition (£ 349.99). We have all the details, PS5 game,Verified PS5 price And PS5 specifications – The biggest problem is still – how to get it?

Currys And John Lewis confirmed the new inventory above November 19th – It’s the release date.

Cross your fingers and we’ll monitor all retailers for you, as one week before launch may be your last chance to pre-order. StockInformer previously said, “We expect the third wave of PS5 pre-orders to be imminent, which is reported to have a large amount of units available.”

Also added was England’s wrinkles, which will enter the second national blockade on November 5. In other words, when the console comes out, you will go home. Playing a PS5 when you can’t go out sounds like a good time, but it may not be that simple.

Inventory on the release date is also unstable, so it is recommended to prepare at midnight.

PS5 pre-order deals

At the very least, next-generation machines seem to be worth the stress they have experienced to get it. We cannot guarantee that you will get the console, but please check the links below for the latest inventory.

United Kingdom

  • very – The last retailer to regain PS5 inventory
  • PC World Kariya – New stock on November 19th, the release date. Digital Edition has been backed up.
  • John Lewis – New shares on November 19th, release date
  • Smith -I pre-ordered before, but it is currently out of stock.
  • Amazon UK – Previous pre-order, currently out of stock.
  • game – Previous pre-order, currently out of stock.
  • AO.com – Previous pre-order, currently out of stock.
  • box.co.uk – Previous pre-order, currently out of stock.
  • eBay – Pay attention to the price as the stock is live and most will be resold.


When can I pre-order PlayStation 5?

Have good news Currys And John Lewis The new confirmed inventory will be available on November 19th. In other words, we cannot guarantee that it will be in stock on the release date, but there is a chance. Keep this page up to date as more details become available and as a surprise third wave pre-order becomes available.

Pre-orders went live on the first wave (September 17th), However, there were some issues with the website displaying the PS5 page to buy, but it snapped quickly so there was no product. Another pre-order started on September 25th. Primarily, pre-orders are only available on the standard PS5, not on the cheaper digital version.

GameStop We recently announced more inventories, but there wasn’t the PS5 Amazon Prime Day deal expected for such a new console. Dual Sense controller is back in stock very, AO.com And game..

The consoles were sold out before many of us realized they were listed, but it was said that more consoles were under development. It was expected that retailers’ inventories would increase as the PS5 release date on November 19 approaches, but it doesn’t seem to be the case now. If you see more inventory before the launch date, expect the new inventory to run out soon. However, while inventory may increase, it is unlikely that there is enough inventory to meet demand.

PS5 pre-order UK


PC World Kariya



Smith’s toys

John Lewis

More stores will be in stock and we will notify you as soon as they are available. “We are working tirelessly to secure more inventory,” says Currys. We aim to check it regularly, but it’s worth checking the above to see if the stock is back!

PS5 accessories

Sold as well as PS5 console accessories. You can have a DualSense controller, a Pulse 3D headset, or a Media Remote.Rounded up the best PS5 accessories Pre-order now. Remember that many PS4 games are still worth buying-read Backward compatibility for PS5.


DualSense controller

DualSense charging station

GameWare PS5 Dual Charger

PS5 quick charge twin charging dock

HD camera

PS5 media remote

Pulse 3D headset

Can I receive a PS5 advance reservation with lockdown?

Not surprisingly, the news of the second national blockade in the UK has made people a little nervous about playing next-generation consoles. The blockade is currently scheduled to continue until December 3rd, after the release of both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Online orders should be delivered without problems, but is this a store that is closed because it is not essential?

Now, there is a flickering hope that came from the announcement, which can be found with the term “click to collect”. Stores like GAME and Smyths can’t be physically opened, but they are allowed to click and collect, and these stores and other stores in the same boat are currently considering how to implement it. Seems to be doing.

Smyths has done this before, so it’s no wonder they do the same again, hoping that it’s time to consider logistics before GAME follows.

GAME has already made some announcements via Twitter

And while it currently only mentions the Xbox Series X, strangely enough, the currently deleted tweets mentioned PS5 earlier. Since then, it’s unclear why it has changed to mention only the Microsoft console.

Please bookmark this page. We will keep you updated on the lockdown situation as soon as we have more details. The release date is approaching.

When will the PS5 be back in the UK?

I know that the pre-order release isn’t planned when the company behind it comes out and acknowledges it.The· Official Twitter account for PlayStation Recently, “To be honest, the PS5 pre-order may have been smoother. I really apologize.”

We are impressed with their integrity! Well, it’s difficult. game, Smith, very, Amazon And while regular retailers ran with inventory overnight, they quickly surged. Argos soon went live, but it was sold out. John Lewis Then it went live and sold out in a few minutes.

Fortunately, they promise more pre-orders will be published soon, and I don’t know the exact date or retailer to which this applies, but all hope, if any. Not lost is a promising sign I don’t see much now. GameStop was in stock on October 13th. This indicates that it is still in stock. Just in case, pay attention to the link …

Even now, some people still couldn’t get the console on the release date.Customers who purchased through ShopTo You have to pay the balance manually before the release, or you are warned that the assigned PS5 is at risk of going to someone else.

“If you fail to pay by October 31, the confirmation of the pre-order on the first day will be canceled, the console will be automatically assigned to the next customer in the queue, and you will not be able to reassign the console. The first day will be confirmed. If you do not, please do not pre-pay for advance reservations. “

warning: If you’re in stock, you may have to wait, even if you’re lucky enough to find a retail store in stock. Both GAME and Currys PC World used a queuing system, but it wasn’t without problems. Both retailers waited more than an hour before fans could finally check out.

PlayStation 4 Deals

PlayStation 4

Maybe you haven’t joined the PlayStation world yet and are considering investing in the old console instead of spanking the new console.If so, here are some deals Black friday For PlayStation 4 you may be interested in.

If you need more help, PS5 vs PS4 Check out the best for other offers PS4 Black Friday Deals..

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