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Preparate il vostro mazzo, Pokémon TCG è in arrivo anche su smartphone

Prepare your deck, Pokémon TCG will also arrive on smartphones

to official announcement that many players have been waiting for is finally here. In fact, the Pokémon Company has announced that it will bring the game very soon Pokémon Trading Card Game also in Android devices, iOS, Windows me Mac OS. This is a digital adaptation free to play from the popular trading card game, not to be confused with Android Pokémon TCG Online, which only works on tablets.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is expected to phase shortly. proof on some mobile devices in Canada.

Instead, the global release on Windows and macOS is expected. later in the yearThe new digital version of the popular card game was announced by theofficial count say Pokémon TCG your Twitter.

the trailer present in the tweet shows a quick overview of what the game will look like, with avatar for the characters and a Battle pass. Eight decks of cards will be available for free to all players, along with a outlet cover.

These decks can be expanded with the purchase of digital booster packs, and some packages with digital codes also provide for the exchange of physical cards.