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Prime Gaming Members Now Get Free Shooting Game

Just before the official opening of Battlefield 6 Prime Gaming members can join for a limited time Battlefield 4 Download it for free to optimally prepare for the next chapter. Normally the multiplayer shooter from EA and DICE costs 19.99 euros.

How do I get Battlefield 4 for free?

You can now visit the website Prime Gaming and pick up your “Battlefield 4” key there. This can then be redeemed on Origin and the standard edition of the shooter belongs to you permanently.

Also wait many other offers including various free games and game content as well Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, FIFA 21, valuing, Rainbow six siege, Apex legends and more.

How long can I get Battlefield 4 for free? You have until June 21, 2021 the ability to purchase a game code for the standard edition of “Battlefield 4”. The code can be redeemed on Origin until July 21, 2021.

What is Battlefield 4?

“Battlefield 4” is a multiplayer shooter from Electronic Arts publisher and Swedish developer DICE and the successor to the very popular “Battlefield 3”. In addition to the single player campaign, the multiplayer mode is the heart of BF4. A total of 10 maps, 154 weapons and gadgets are available here, as well as different vehicle classes. The game is played in a modern setting, which is also expected again for “Battlefield 6”.

What is Prime Gaming?

on Prime Gaming Amazon Prime members have access to a wealth of free and exclusive content related to their favorite games. Every month Prime members can look forward to free PC games and a free subscription to the Twitch channel.

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