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Print Your Own Steam Deck: Valve Releases Laptop CAD Files

Image: Valve

Printing the case for a handheld PC yourself? Nothing easier than that, because Valve releases the Steam Deck CAD files. This means that not only accessory manufacturers, but also hobbyists and modders can create and test a true-to-original 3D model of the Zen 2 RDNA 2 game console from the 3D printer.

Faithful copies and own creations

Valve has the CAD files for the Steam Deck external case and deck topology for download under the Creative Commons Free License (DC) as creative commons, allowing anyone to make a faithful copy or original creation of the case.

The manufacturer even encourages players to create their own skins and hopes that the community will inspire them accordingly.

Hello! Good news for all the tinkerers, modders, accessory makers, and people who just want to print a 3D model of the Steam Deck to see what it feels like.

Today we are making the CAD files for the Steam Deck external enclosure (the surface topology) available for download under the Creative Commons license.


The CAD files offered for download include an STP model, an STL model, and drawings in DWG format for AutoCAD for reference. For example, users who own a 3D printer can also use it to create a mock handheld game console and test how the Steam Deck feels in the hand without having to order the hard-to-find handheld up front.

We look forward to the creations of our community!


Valve has the CAD files on the GitLab development platform Download Passed.

The editors would like to thank community members “Fortatus” and “konkretor” for their input on this report.