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The mobile boxing game is back with Prizefighters 2, bringing with it a good dose of news that we see in this review.

Now that I think about it, although there are many fighting games of various kinds, games properly based on boxing are quite scarce and also for this reason you can look at this with some interest. Prizefighters review 2. It is a speech that we have already made when introducing the review of the first chapter, but in fact it is still valid because in the meantime nothing has emerged in particular in this area: except for the historic Nintendo Punch-Out, in which this game is evidently inspires, and some other examples, the boxing It does not seem that it can be represented in the form of a video game with any regularity, probably due to the complexity of the confrontations, its technique and the rhythms that have little to do with savagely hitting the keys. From this point of view, Prizefighters 2 does a good job of organizing the peculiarity of this sportEven if the action in the ring is clearly very arcade-oriented.

At a quick glance, riferimento a Punch-Out seems obvious: also in this case the fights are faced with a particular shot behind the boxer, which is a distinctive feature of the Nintendo game, with the possibility of hitting different types of punches and the obvious attention to the time between attack and defense, but there is also something a lot technical in Prizefighters 2, which almost brings it closer to a simulation, in some respects. Everything is very simplified and made particularly digestible, as befits a game that should be enjoyed on mobile platforms, but the boxer and gym management, with management elements applied, makes this title somewhat more in-depth than it might appear with a simple glimpse of the action in the ring.

Prizefighters 2 00005

From this point of view there is also a substantial distinction: the game is distributed as free to play but you can change to Premium version With the single in-app purchase of 3.50 euros and only in this last mode it is possible to access all the different management functions related to the gym and the organization of matches. It is a good solution that allows a gradual introduction, with a very exhaustive test of the basic mechanics through free access and without the hassles related to microtransactions (you can buy additional money to invest in the gym but it is not essential, considering that you start playing) and then move on to the complete experience with peace of mind, through a single purchase and without mechanics that affect the balance through in-app purchases.

The eyes of the tiger

The fact that graphic style Take the classic 16-bit pixelated tradition don’t be fooled, because it’s not just a thin arcade game here. The attention to detail and the integrity of the contents seem evident from thecharacter editor: we can choose the name, nationality, fighting style and basic characteristics of our boxer and then act on numerous aspects of aesthetic customization, before launching into the climb to success. The goal is to start from the amateur circuits and win matches up to the category and become more and more famous, managing different aspects of the fighter between one match and another, trying to be “the greatest of all time”, through a long path that accompanies the growth of the protagonist.

Prizefighters 2 00006

Sul ring, we find ourselves controlling the boxer with some commands positioned on the screen, with a solution that is not exactly ideal but functional, considering the reasoned and tactical rhythm of the confrontations. On the right of the screen, a series of buttons correspond to all the basic boxing movements including jab, right, uppercut and various combinations, as well as special shots to unlock and refine with training and experience, with the corresponding different duration of pressure to a different one. power of the blow. On the left side, the same key scheme corresponds to stops and evasive maneuvers, which will be implemented by choosing the right moment. the How to play everything is played on observing the opponent’s movements, which can suggest the next moves that will allow us to adopt the correct countermeasures in the fraction of a second allowed, including dodging, defending, counterattacking and attacking. Meanwhile, it is necessary to keep an eye on the boxer’s energy and stamina, trying to inflict as many blows as possible to target KO or points victory.

Prizefighters 2 00002

Outside the ring, the managerial components allows you to organize different aspects of the boxer’s career. The difference between the free version and the Premium version is largely based on these elements, the latter opening a series of broader possibilities for the organization of matches and leagues, as well as the possibility of importing and exporting leagues with the community, more options customization and a greater amount of saves. In both cases, however, we find ourselves setting the dates of the matches, trying to choose the opponents wisely and organizing the time between one match and the next with a series of trainings that are capable of developing the characteristics of the game. fighter without tiring him too much or taking him out of the parameters of the category he is in.

Prizefighters 2 00007


Tested version
Android, iPad 1.02

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App Store, Google Play


There’s gameplay pretty deep beneath the pixel arcade surface of Prizefighters 2, with features that bring it closer to a full-blown boxing simulation, while still being simple. The control system, which focuses on the tactical approach and seems quite cumbersome, keeps the game away from the immediacy and dynamism of many fighting games, but it manages to immerse us in the rhythms of a boxing match. Although the general form is necessarily simplified, also by the use of the mobile, the balance between managerial elements and encounters in the ring manages to recreate the spirit of boxing in a convincing way, pushing us to continue our career.


  • Good balance between ring meetings and managerial management
  • Many aspects to keep under control
  • The spirit of boxing emerges well, despite the simple appearance.


  • Cumbersome control system
  • Fighting, based on expectations and tactics, can be stressful.

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