Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Proceedings continue to pursue action over “drifting” Xbox controllers


Class action proceedings over “drifting” Xbox The controller has been modified to include additional plaintiffs and specific references to the latest elite controllers.

The original proceeding was filed in April this year He claimed that many Xbox owners experienced drift issues with different controller models.

Currently, the amended complaint filed on October 2 has been filed in federal court in the West District of Washington, with seven more plaintiffs and a jury trial. Microsoft..

In particular, in an updated class action proceeding, the Xbox Elite Series 1 and 2 controllers have been added to the list of peripherals claiming to be experiencing drift issues. The Series 2 controller was launched in late 2019.

The amended proceedings also add additional details regarding stick defects that are alleged to cause drift. This is an issue where controller movements are recorded even when the analog stick is not touched.

A “defect” in which the Xbox is allegedly drifting, as shown in the proceedings.

Class action proceedings allege that the drift problem is caused by a defect in the controller related to the potentiometer in the joystick component. This is a mechanism that transforms the physical movement of the thumbstick into movement in the software.

This component claims to contain known design flaws related to lubricants such as grease. This causes the resistor film to be scraped off the bent track, causing unwanted movement without user input.

In the proceedings, Microsoft was fully aware of the drifting flaws after receiving numerous online complaints from customers, but said, “We couldn’t disclose the flaws and regularly repaired the controller for free when the flaws became apparent. I refuse to do so. “

Plaintiffs’ experience is not isolated, claiming that “many consumers are complaining about stick drift.” Xbox One Controllers at least since 2014. “

In addition to financial relief, plaintiffs are seeking a public injunction requiring Microsoft to notify all Xbox controller owners of the flaw.

“Microsoft has touted the Xbox controller as a great controller to enhance gameplay, describing the elite controller as the” most advanced controller in the world, “and the Xbox One joystick and buttons with” ultimate precision. ” Emphasizing that you are inviting consumers to buy an Xbox controller. Read the complaint.

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“Microsoft has not disclosed to consumers that the Xbox controller is defective and the joystick component is failing. The general public has the right to know about potential defects in the Xbox controller component. “

A similar class action was filed Nintendo About last year Drift switch Joy-Con controller..Approved by the judge last month Nintendo forces arbitration However, he rejected the request for rejection.

Nintendo claims that Switch Joy-Con drift is “not a real problem.” According to CSK & D, a US law firm working to track cases through the arbitration process, “or it hasn’t caused any inconvenience to anyone.”