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Proxy Servers and Their Benefits for Business

In its infancy, one of the main attractions of the internet and the world wide web was the privacy of its users. The caricature with the caption: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”, drawn and written by Peter Steiner, highlighted how important anonymity is on the internet. The user can escape the concerns of a physical world and obtain a different identity as he surfs the web and communicates with their peers. Unfortunately, the days of private internet are a thing of the past.

The foundation and the beauty of the web lie in the accessible storage and fast movement of publicly available information. The manipulation of information technologies has revolutionized our physical world by infusing our environment with digital improvements. Today, we can access online shops, educational material, and engaging forms of modern entertainment through our computers and mobile phones. However, while the internet brings efficiency, comfort, and convenience into our lives, it still has its drawbacks. The improvement and development of information technologies do not appear out of thin air. The modern internet can be very addictive, and the algorithms find the best ways to stimulate the minds of users and keep them engaged. In essence, the value of user data has killed the respect for user privacy. However, when efficiency and progress disregard the humane use of technology, not only the private users but the companies themselves feel the threat to their security and anonymity on the web.

Thankfully, we have tools that save us from complete exposure of identity on the internet. Proxy servers work as intermediary carriers of data packets and mask the origin of our IP address. Apart from masking network identity, proxies help us relocate the entry point to websites, making the user appear as a visitor from a different location.

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Changing this identity has few benefits when accessing web pages with registered accounts since they still possess a large portion of private information that can be used to profile their users. However, consistent usage of proxy servers offers many benefits in business activities. In this article, we will discuss 5 ways how proxies can provide assistance to companies. With a legitimate provider on your side, you will have no trouble dealing with unexpected proxy errors which can occur with unsafe public proxies. Click here to learn more about proxy errors in a blog article from a business-oriented proxy provider. For now, let’s analyze the ways proxy servers can benefit your business.

Protect your website

While proxy servers are mostly used to mask our IP address when connecting to other web servers, they can also be implemented to ensure the proper functionality of your page. Websites that have to deal with a large influx of user traffic can slow down and even stop working if the situation gets out of hand. To make matters worse, hackers and cybercriminals can flood your page with connection requests, also known as a DDoS attack, resulting in a crash of your web page.

When visitors have direct access to your web server and its address, it also increases the chance of a potential security breach. While website crashes may seem like an annoying inconvenience, data leaks are a far bigger problem.

To protect themselves from these issues, web server owners use reverse proxies. These intermediary servers act as doormen that manage the incoming data requests. Reverse proxies control the traffic in a private network and redirect appropriate requests to their destination. This additional layer of protection is great at dealing with petty cybercriminals aiming to disrupt the functionality of your web page.

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Perform sensitive business tasks without exposure

Proxy servers help businesses perform data-sensitive tasks, such as web scraping without the threat of exposing their IP address to competitors. While public data aggregation is a lawful way to extract knowledge from targeted websites, if their owners get a hold of your network identity, your further connections can be shut down with an IP ban or redirected into a honeypot. In the latter case, companies end up collecting falsified information from a decoy website, which can hurt their business activities instead of providing assistance. With a good proxy server provider, you can use the most secure residential proxies to assign a different IP address to your web scraper.

Business management assistance

Proxy servers can assist company owners in creating a customized work environment for their employees. When all data packets that exit the workplace travel through a proxy server, you can customize its settings to block inappropriate or distracting websites that could cause trouble and disorder at work. With proxies, you can keep an eye on the activity of your employees, either for evaluation of their efforts or to recognize potential dangers and stop them.

Social media management

Social media management is an essential part of a digital marketing campaign. To create a strong presence on these networks and reach the desired client base, companies create false identities that help boost the popularity of these pages. To make social media bots believable, each of them needs a local network identity, which can be supplied by proxy providers with IPs for the desired region.

Website testing

Proxy servers help larger businesses test localized versions of websites in other regions. For example, if your company wants to internationalize and expand into other countries, it has to present a different version of a page, where the usage of a different language and symbols does not compromise its structure. By connecting to the web through a proxy server in that region, you can see how the adjusted page looks for local visitors.

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These are the main benefits proxy servers bring to a digital business environment. The market is full of great proxy providers with customizable deals to assist the modern workplace. Check them out to learn more about the necessity of proxy servers and the detailed view of their benefits for business.