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PS Plus and PS Now members are dissatisfied with the duplicate PS4 game

PS Plus and PS Now members are dissatisfied with the duplicate PS4 game

Over the last six months or so, I’ve noticed a change in the mood about the announcement of the PlayStation 4 games included in the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions. Basically, if you sign up for both, Sony will continue to offer the same titles so often that you actually start losing. Large PS4 games may already be part of PS Now, but if confirmed as an addition to the free PS Plus, those who subscribe to both will get nothing. Each service gains access to the title as soon as you cancel your subscription, so neither can guarantee play time if your membership expires. So how often does this collision actually occur? I looked at the data from the last 6 months and solved the problem.

Of the 16 PS4 games offered through PS Plus since June 2020, five were already part of PS Now. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Street Fighter V, Vampyr, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Hollow Knight and more. Going in the opposite direction, Friday the 13th: Games and Broforce have become part of PlayStation Now after being already a free PS Plus game for the past six months. Considering the PlayStation Plus games already on PS Now, this is just under a third of the hit rate.

In our opinion it is not Too bad. Sony is in a difficult position to be absolutely unlikely to please everyone who subscribes to the service. However, you may be frustrated because the PS4 game members are already in a position to access it. In September, I noticed that PUBG and Street Fighter V overlap. Vampyr continued a month later, and Hollow Knight and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War were dealt with by subscribers last month. So there was a three-month stint that the same title was given to PS Now and PS Plus members. Thankfully, the December lineup broke the winning streak.

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So can you say there is a problem here? Certainly, to some extent. Members of the two services have already been offered PS4 games that they can access for three consecutive months, but that’s probably not a problem. If they had been stretched for a longer period of time, the complaint would not have been so great. Still, the less duplication Sony has to provide, the better. Have you ever been dissatisfied with this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.