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PS Plus: PS1 Games Fail – Experts Make Tough Judgments

PS Plus: PS1 Games Fail – Experts Make Tough Judgments

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The new subscription to PS Plus is already available in some countries. After the disappointment of the fans, the experts also pass a harsh judgment on PS1 games.

San Mateo, California – The main launch has begun, with new PS Plus subscriptions gradually unlocking around the world. It’s still a while in this country, but PS Plus Extra and Premium have recently been available in some regions of the world. However, some fans noted some issues with retro games for PS1, PS2, and PSP. Reason enough for the techies at Digital Foundry to take a closer look at emulating old PlayStation games.
You can find out more about the devastating verdict against PS1 games on PS Plus at

Seen for Germany, the new PS Plus subscription with the retro games and the large game catalog has not yet started. In Asia, however, players can already take advantage of upgrades to the new Extra and Premium levels. Additional subscriptions are available from May 23 and with them come the first opinions and experience reports on retro games for PS1, PS2 and PSP. So far, though, these have been anything but good.