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PS5: 8 features you need to try on your new PlayStation


And Ackerman / CNET

The· PS5 Only one day after launch The game is arguably the most important part of console launch, The new PS5 user interface is also pretty nice. We scrutinized the options and found some tips and tricks to help enhance the PlayStation experience.

Some are processed seamlessly during setup, while others are buried in a pile of settings and options. I thought it was worth disassembling.

To tailor your PS5 experience to your specific tastes, here’s what you might find worth doing when you first turn on your PS5:

1. Check your privacy settings

During the initial setup of the PS5, you will be asked to choose from a series of four different privacy settings with names such as “Socialand Open” and “Solo and Focused”. Basically, you can control your online profile and what others can see.

However, these settings can be further subdivided within these categories, giving you complete control over whether they appear in search results, who can add you as a friend, and more.

These settings are in the settings[ユーザーとアカウント]It’s on the tab.

2. Select power settings

The PS5 mainly provides the ability to better control the amount of power the PS5 draws when in “rest mode”. As with privacy settings, you can select a profile during setup. If you want to dive deeper, you can subdivide the presets. These presets determine how long the PS5 will power off when idle and whether the console will automatically download updates. Very useful if you want to avoid scary system updates when you want to play something online.

3. Play around with the HDR slider


This photo makes the PS5 look much smaller than it really is.


If you have an HDR-enabled TV, you need to make sure these settings are correct.

Again, the PS5 allows you to tinker with contrast and brightness during setup, but personally, I’ve made these settings several times, mostly if I change the TV settings after setup. These HDR settings are affected back and forth (for example, in game mode). It makes sense to go back and optimize. Especially if you are as noisy as I am! (I spent an embarrassing time fixing these settings.)

4. Try the submenu

Perhaps my favorite part of the PS5 UI is the submenus that can be displayed in-game. Basically, pressing the big PlayStation button in the center of the controller will pop up this submenu in-game. Very nifty.

Older consoles have had some variations of this feature for some time, but I’m a big fan of the PS5 version. It is unobtrusive, delicate and customizable.

You can access settings, tweak sound levels, and add devices such as headphones. You can also link your Spotify account and select music from the submenu. VR options are also available from here. This is a great help for anyone trying to fix a VR problem on the fly.

This submenu also makes it easy to switch between recently played games, eliminating the need to go to the home page to start a new game.

But my favorite part: it is possible to customize the submenu. You can also add PS5 accessibility options to the sub. I think this is very useful for gamers with disabilities.

5. Choose between performance and resolution

If you have a PS4 Pro, you’ll notice that the game is a bit PC-based.Games like God of War With Horizon Zero Dawn, you can choose to focus the additional processing power of your PS4 Pro on resolution or performance (which basically means frame rate).

Personally, I always prefer to focus on performance over resolution. And if you have a TV that doesn’t run 4K, definitely Prioritize performance over resolution.

In any case, PS5 allows you to choose the default choices in the settings to save you the trouble of choosing new preferences for each game. Go to Saved Data Game / App Settings and select a game preset.

6. Select the default difficulty level

There are many good things in the preset section of the game. You can also select your preferred difficulty level as the default.

Personally, that’s not what I’m doing. The difficulty of the game is too subjective and I think it varies greatly from game to game. But I know that some people want to quickly crank into the toughest settings, and vice versa, some want to play games for the story.

7. Check the controller settings and tinker


Definitely tweak the controller settings.

And Ackerman / CNET

This is absolutely necessary.

This isn’t entirely new, but the PS5 allows you to set up default controller settings that can be applied to all games. First and foremost, in first-person shooters and third-person games with camera controls, the default can be “reversed”.

It’s a must for me as I always have to dive into the game settings to change it.

You’ve probably heard that the PS5 DualSense controller is a huge leap forward in terms of its adaptive triggering and vibration capabilities. You can also change the strength of the effect. I will not touch it personally. I’m very happy with the default, but it’s there if you want to tweak it.

8. Select spoiler settings

I couldn’t believe this existed, but it does!

You can actually control the level of the spoiler that is displayed when navigating the PlayStation Store. You can choose to eliminate “all” potential spoilers or spoilers determined by the game developer.

Therefore, if you are very sensitive to spoilers, set[保存されたデータのゲーム/アプリ]Go to the section[ゲームのプリセット]You can click. The options are there.

Look at this:

The new UI for PS5 has been revealed!Breakdown of all functions


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