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PS5 and Xbox Series X share the same unpromoted upgrade


A week or two after everyone and their mother got the Xbox Series X on the gaming site and YouTube, the first hands-on preview of the PS5 began to be released, but most ended in Japan.

The most obvious thing is how big the console is, something has been revealed as an upgrade from the previous generation that also shares the Xbox Series X, but neither company actually advertises it. Hmm. But for the average player, it could be a significant improvement over the PS4 and Xbox One.

Both consoles are very quiet.

Despite the significant increase in technical horsepower, early reports indicate that both the PS5 and Series X are almost silent when running and playing the game.

This is Windows CentralJez Corden on Xbox Series X:

And here is the Japanese site Dengeki Saying the same about PS5 (second tweet):

If you’ve played larger games on any console of this past generation, you may have come across a very loud voice for each fan to keep the console cool. .. I noticed this especially on PS4. Especially when playing games like Call of Duty: Warzone and The Last of Us Part 2, it sounds like the Harrier Jet is ready to take off under the TV. Not only is it loud, but the heat generated by the pump allows you to sweat seriously in the office.

Nothing is said about these upgrades, but it does mean that both the PS5 and Series X will behave like the gaming computer we’re currently writing this article on. Even when playing the game at high settings, it doesn’t make too much noise or get hot. These new consoles have very powerful technology and are essentially mini-gaming PCs themselves.

This may not be the feature you’re boxing, but it doesn’t underestimate the small benefits of something like this that makes next-generation games feel good overall. That’s sometimes a small thing you’re looking forward to (I don’t add an eternal “copy” patching phase to the PS5), and yes, my console doesn’t sound like it explodes during most play AAA The game is definitely a plus.

I haven’t got either console yet, so I can’t directly report how this feels in my exact office, but if it’s important enough to mention in the preview, it’s this It feels in stark contrast to generations. See if it lasts for generations.

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