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PS5 becomes a 2 cm thick Waku PS5 Slim


of Oliver Jaeger
The operator of the YouTube channel “DIY Perks” built his own Playstation 5 Slim and equipped it with a water cooling system. Compared to the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which is 92mm thick, Youtuber’s “PS5 Slim” is only 20mm, a 78 percent reduction.

Sony’s Playstation 5 is among the largest consoles the company has ever made. The original version measures 390 x 260 x 104 mm, while the digital edition is 92 mm thick. Japan’s electronics group usually decides to release slimmer versions of their consoles a few years after launch. A Youtuber called “DIY Perks” didn’t want to wait that long and let his creativity run wild by assembling his own “Playstation 5 Slim”. This not only shrunk the console, but also provided it with a water cooling circuit.

PS5 compact with copper coating and lower temperatures

Compared to the 92mm thick Digital Edition of the PS5, DIY Perks cut 72mm out of the console and shrunk their PS5 Slim down to 20mm. This is only slightly thicker than a DVD case. Of course, to get to this level, a lot of content has to be downloaded from the Playstation 5, so ultimately the motherboard is left over. For those that include flash memory and VRM, it made a full cover water block and heatsinks for other components like GDDR6 chips.

Meanwhile, the casing of your PS5 Slim is made of copper, which itself is said to be worth more than a full Playstation 5 console. The HP-DP5-750RB-A power supply takes care of the power supply with 750 W. This should be able to reach up to 62.5 A per 12 V, which is enough to supply water cooling to the PS5 DIY.

The Youtuber built a long external aluminum case for the power supply and its water-cooling components. For the latter a thin Alphacool radiator was used, with Noctua NF-A4x20 fans, a reservoir and a pump. Of course, its water-cooled design was also meant to cool components more than with a conventional PS5. Therefore, Youtuber determined the temperatures in the SoC, in the memory and in the VRMs using temperature probes.

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While running Horizon Forbidden West, DIY Perks recorded 65 degrees Celsius on the SoC, 52 degrees Celsius on the memory, and 44 degrees Celsius on the VRM side. These are supposed to be temperatures that are below the values ​​that an original Playstation 5 generates. Regardless, the slim copper water-cooled PS5 is an interesting set of DIY perks. Now it only remains to be seen when Sony will introduce the official PS5 Slim. However, it is doubtful that this one is as thin as the Youtuber’s.

Font: DIY Benefits via tom hardware

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