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PS5 games don't support PSVR, Sony says

PS5 games don’t support PSVR, Sony says

Until recently, PlayStation 5 games were supposed to be able to use existing PlayStation VR headsets for virtual reality experiences.According to a Sony statement sent to, it is not UploadVR.. In a strange and disappointing twist, the organization admits that in order to experience a title like Hitman 3 on the PSVR, you need to play a backwards compatible PlayStation 4 version. A Similar announcement Recently created for No Man’s Sky: Next Generation.

So what does this mean? For Hitman 3, if you want to enjoy the PSVR experience, it means you need to download the PS4 build to PS5 instead of the native next generation version.While benefiting from improved load times and more stable performance Game boost, There are clearly no visual improvements that will be available on the PS5. This is also a tricky solution. So, to get the most out of stealth titles, you might theoretically need to have two different versions of Hitman 3 installed on your console.

Fortunately, both Hitman 3 and No Man’s Sky: Next Generation offer Free upgrade from PS4 to PS5So you won’t get out of your pocket here.Still, this sounds like an incredibly clumsy scenario – especially after one developer. A few months ago we announced a PSVR game for PS5.. When I asked the studio, the spokesman couldn’t comment except saying, “I’m not going to release it on PS5, I’m not going to release it on PS4.” Perhaps those plans are currently changing.

Talk to Washington post Earlier this week, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan showed that his company still believed in virtual reality, and while technology still didn’t have a true mainstream moment, he believed it would come in the future. Suggested that there is. In the future, VR will be a meaningful component of interactive entertainment. Will it be this year? No, will it be next year? No. But will it come someday? We believe. “