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PS5 in a double pack with "Far Cry" and "The Last of Us": is there today?

PS5 in a double pack with “Far Cry” and “The Last of Us”: is there today?

Getting a PS5 in a bundle is currently a gamble. Here you will be able to know all the secret information about when you could have the opportunity again.

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PS5 in a double pack with “The Last of Us Part II” and “Far Cry 6”

Getting a PS5 from well-known retailers like Amazon & Co. remains difficult. However, the chances of also being one of the lucky ones to get a console increase with bundle offers. So there could soon be a rerun of the PS5 with the two games “The Last of Us Part II” and Far Cry 6″ come. Check current availability on Amazon here via direct link.

A new: With the Amazon Prime account, you will have priority when buying the console. So who hasn’t main member you should create an account for the next PS5 resupply.

When will the PlayStation 5 resupply arrive?

So far there have been no major drops on Amazon this week. After last week there was a mini rerun of the PS5 Digital Edition at Amazon Germany, emptiness now seems to prevail. But there’s no reason to bury your head in the sand! There’s a good chance of getting a PS5 quickly with the upcoming replenishment regarding bundles. Y this offer with both games the last of us part 2 & far away 6 is a good candidate for the next resupply.

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Buy the PS5 without game

If you have already bought enough games in advance and are just waiting for the console to be available, you should check the situation every day. In addition to Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn, Otto, Rebuy, and Alternate are always trying to replenish their PS5 stock. You can read more about this here. Check the current situation on Amazon:

The alternatives:

Buy Xbox Series X: Now available at Saturn and Media Markt!

Nintendo Switch OLED: Saturn and Media Markt have them now!

Xbox All Access: Subscribe to the coveted Xbox Series X

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