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PS5 in black, STALKER 2 ... JVCOM Weekly # 16

PS5 in black, STALKER 2 … JVCOM Weekly # 16

Chronic PS5 in black, STALKER 2 … JVCOM Weekly # 16

Every day, strives to summarize in 60 seconds the big news of the day through the JVCom Daily. The editorial returns to the origin of the information, what to know, and its consequences … Compilation of each daily column, the JVCom Weekly takes up everything that happened this week on the planet JV.

MONDAY – Steam Awards 2020: only a few days left to choose your GOTY!

After the Game Awards they saw The Last of Us: Part II Consecrated best game of the year, another event will name its 2020 nuggets: the Steam Awards. They have been held since 2016 and function differently from the Game Awards. Valve’s contest initially sees users vote for their favorite games according to different categories. Second, Valve selects the five games that obtained the most votes among the sections and submits them to a final vote in which all users of the platform can participate.

Tuesday: PS5 Black Coming Soon?

The PlayStation 5 arrived in France on November 19 in two different models. One, presented as standard, is priced at € 500 and incorporates a disk drive while the other, called a digital model, is without a drive. That said, Sony’s console is still white in both cases, a color that contrasts with its older sisters (PS2, PS3, and PS4) who were black. Is an alternative yet to come?

WEDNESDAY – Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt Responds to Investor Complaint!

Released December 10 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Stadia, Cyberpunk 2077 it aroused the outrage of the public and the press. In question, poorly functioning console versions, especially on early PlayStation 4 and Xbox One models. These disastrous editions saw studio CD Projekt apologize on Twitter, promising a refund to disgruntled gamers. But it doesn’t stop there.

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THURSDAY – STALKER 2 FINALLY gives some news

To begin with, Fkz remakes the portrait of the STALKER saga. The title takes place in Chernobyl, in an area that was the scene of several nuclear explosions in 1986. The player plays a person whose mission is to investigate the possible changes caused. by disaster. The first opus it obtained a score of 17/20 in JVCOM, thanks to its well-worked sound and visual environment. And the second episode?

Friday: End of applause for Adobe Flash Player but not for Habbo!

Launched in 1996 by Adobe, Flash Player will have been the traveling companion for many websites, as it made it possible to run animations or video games on web pages. This is demonstrated by Le Monde Pixels, which indicates that in 2014, 80% of Google Chrome had opened a page that contained Flash content. Software that has become obsolete since late 2014 with the advent of HTML 5. As a result, Adobe announced in 2017 to draw a line in Flash Player, which is not without consequences for Habbo.


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