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PS5: le jeu vidéo « Cyberpunk 2077 » bientôt disponible sur la console ?

PS5: will the video game “Cyberpunk 2077” soon be available on the console?

According to information from IGN, the video game “Cyberpunk 2077” could soon be back on consoles like PS5 and Xbox.

Finally good news for fans of Cyberpunk 2077 They were unable to purchase the game from the PS Store. In fact, following the many concerns raised by the title of CD project, the latter was seen removed from the PS Store. But soon I could come back PS5.

An avalanche of criticism

Fans have been waiting for the game for several years. Long mocked by CD project, is only on december 10 the project finally saw the light of day. Either on PC or home consoles. But it was not without counting the many concerns encountered.

In fact, the game was released without actually being finished. At least, on “fat” consoles PS4 Y Xbox One. The rotating title very safe PS5 Y X series but still find some bugs. This also explains the reason for the low number of tests. before its launch.

Because the Polish study offered game videos only captured on PC. That says a lot about “old” consoles. These, not being able to support the graphics, the screen and the rest of the game quite simply.

As you remember Video game, the versions PS4 Y One scoops of a terrible 7/20. A completely understandable note given that it was completely impossible to play for a few minutes on the machines. Suffice it to say that the purchase was useless.

Faced with this commercial disaster, Sony therefore, he made the decision to simply withdraw the title from your PS Store. Waiting for several improvements and, why not, a version PS5. But it seems that the water has run under the bridges.

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Since the game soon Return to the store. In any case, this is the news ofIGN, transmitted by our colleagues from Video game. It remains to be seen if, this time, the game will be compatible with consoles.

PS5: will the video game “Cyberpunk 2077” soon be available on the console?

Cyberpunk 2077 back on PS5?

The Polish studio has undoubtedly worked hard to improve the gaming experience. Otherwise, it would not see the light in the purchase section of the consoles of Sony. The Japanese firm has chosen to withdraw it for a specific reason:

” The the withdrawal from the game had been necessary to protect the players of a bad experience. “ I informed the company that created the PS5. But as we warned you, it would be a matter of time before “V” and Keanu Reeves return to their living room.

Car IGN indicated « the return of the game sheet, accompanied by a new announcement ». On the other hand, don’t count on a release date. This has not yet been communicated. Therefore, at the moment you cannot download it.

The only thing possible is the fact add title to wish list. While waiting for his return forever in the library. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that this happens faster than expected. Since the game itself is still excellent.

In fact, without the many bugs, the experience is still great. And the players PS5, X Series or even PC can attest to this. Therefore, we invite you, if you have not been able to play it yet, to try to do so. once you can get it back.

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