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PSA: Verizon Galaxy S20 has minimized sum of RAM

Samsung Galaxy S20 in the hand screen

Update, June 12, 2020 (11:42 AM ET): The short article under originally experienced incorrect information and facts. The amount of money of RAM in the Verizon Galaxy S20 is 8GB, not 4GB as initially said. Android Authority regrets the error. All other information continues to be unchanged.

While the Samsung Galaxy S20 line arrived out in February, the Verizon Galaxy S20 only hit retailer shelves just lately. The rationale for the hold off is that Samsung required to figure out how to cram mmWave 5G antennas into the vanilla S20 considering that that’s the only 5G protocol Verizon supports.

Nonetheless, in accordance to Digital Trends, the sacrifices Samsung essential to make to provide in mmWave compatibility are rather major. We can now validate that the Verizon-branded Galaxy S20 has just 8GB of RAM. That is a little bit of a fall from the 12GB provided with the unlocked Galaxy S20 you can get from other sources (albeit with out mmWave assistance).

Also, the Verizon Galaxy S20 does not have a microSD card slot, which is integrated with the unlocked variant.

Why is the Verizon Galaxy S20 altered like this?

What’s likely taking place below is that Samsung necessary to figure out a way to bring mmWave support to the Verizon Galaxy S20 with no rising producing fees also much. For what ever rationale, it made a decision dropping the RAM amount by 4GB and ditching the microSD card slot — which is a big motive individuals get Galaxy S phones — would be the ideal way to minimize expenses.

This usually means Verizon prospects want to decide if saving $200 by skipping the Verizon Galaxy S20 Plus — which has a microSD card slot, 12GB of RAM, and mmWave support — is truly worth it in the extended operate. I do not know about you, but having to pay $1,000 for a flagship cellular phone that is lacking these significant characteristics would get a massive “hell no” from me.