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PSG: "I can't not play well", the strong words of Mbappé

PSG: “I can’t not play well”, the strong words of Mbappé

Constantly under pressure at PSG, Kylian Mbappé notably evokes his fear of “Disappoint”.

Featured New ConsultantAmazon Prime Video, Thierry Henry spoke with Kylian Mbappé in an interview that will be broadcast this Sunday on the channel that broadcasts 80% of Ligue 1 matches. Interview from which some passages have been revealed, in particular one where the former Gunners striker congratulates Kylian Mbappé for his very good English and his equally good Spanish.

“It’s because he wanted to be a great footballer, and also a public figure and someone important. Nowadays, you can’t want to be an international star and only speak French. That makes no sense. You have to know how to adapt to all circumstances. You get there, you must know how to speak. Of course, if you ever travel, sometimes you can speak the language, but that’s not the reason. Later, if it serves me so much the better “, justified the PSG attacker.

During the interview, Mbappé also opened up about his fears. “Don’t win, disappoint. You demand of yourself. People are demanding of you, but I am very demanding of myself. You always have an excessive requirement on yourself. You talk to yourself: ‘I can’t be like this, I play badly’. It’s something that drives you every day when you prepare for the game. I can’t help but play well. “

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