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Psychonauts 2: Completing the game to 100% is now easier!  |  Xbox one

Psychonauts 2: Completing the game to 100% is now easier! | Xbox one

On the way to be among the games of the year, Psychonauts 2 just got a new update from the Double Fine studio. This brings stability fixes to the title, but also new functions to find the objects that will be found in the game much more easily.

New options for unlockable items and achievements

Tim Shaffer took the floor to explain what players can expect from this patch. This is mainly about functionalities that make it easy to find collectibles of Psychonauts 2 to finish it 100%.

If you finished the game wanting to collect all the hidden objects, BOB Bottles is probably talking to you. And especially a banana, right? This update will help you, here’s how.

  • Otto Spot: It is a filter that allows you to find collectibles that are already available in Otto stores. This filter is unlocked once you have completed Psychonauts 2. To use Otto Spot, simply activate the in-game camera or on a brain to see an on-screen indication when an item must be retrieved.
  • Menus: When navigating the game level menus, it is now clearly indicated when all items in the level have been found.
  • New Battles: When you complete Gisu’s side quest to find the Psychoseismometers, you now unlock one more in Otto’s lab. This allows you to restart fights over and over again to, for example, unlock achievements more easily.

Psychonauts 2 is still available on Xbox and PC, as well as Xbox Game Pass.