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[Puzzle & Dragons]A spirit that spins stars in time even now! Get great free characters! | AppBank

After two weeks, he finally returned.The spirit that turns the stars』. Perhaps some people have not done much due to the long period.
This event has many things to do, such as herbarium, hidden items, and helping the gacha characters evolve. Let’s check again what we have to do!

* This article includes spoilers for the hidden elements of “The Spirit of the Stars”.

June quest dungeon

If you want to start “The Spirit of Spinning the Stars” from now on, the first priority should be the quest dungeon. As a reward for advanced players, you can obtain a large number of evolutionary materials needed for “Spirit of Spinning Stars”, and you can continue with the event at once.
A specific herbarium is also required for the hidden items described later. Collect showers in advance with the Quest Dungeon reward!
Be careful as you can bring stamina with others other than Quest Dungeon, Watering Can, and Rainbow Flower Seed Rush.

[Puzzle & Dragons]The “spirit of the spinning stars” is easy at once! The Quest Dungeon in June is here!

Help the gacha characters evolve

Before using it as a herbarium, the evolution of the gacha character is the first priority.
There are plenty of great assists this time as well, but they all use special evolution materials, so once the event is over, you won’t be able to get evolution materials.
It’s a waste not being able to fully use the characters you have! Even if you need the main body at worst, it may be degenerate, so if you have two or more monsters, let’s develop one to help.

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[Puzzle & Dragons]The interpretation of all the new characters from “Puzzle & Dragons” has been released! The one and only character with sharp points!

Herbarium creation

You can get a total of 3 vials in the login, event dungeon, and quest dungeon. This is the minimum number required for hidden items, but … “I’m not interested in hidden items,” so let’s develop the vial.
There are 11 evolution destinations in total. There are also aids that are powerful enough compared to gacha characters so it’s a waste to rot them in the BOX!

[Puzzle & Dragons]A host of “excellent weapons” are released that are only as good as the gacha cap! “Spirit Stone Little Bottle” status details of all forms of evolution!

Hidden item

The heaviest part, the hidden element of the spirit that makes the stars spin. This time there are also 2 types of hidden monsters, and it requires 3 specific types of herbarium and 2 insect dragons for them to appear.
Also, what is the hidden item this time?93 above.. Even considering the skill level in straight mud and dungeon, it takes at least 50 laps.
Even if you bring it up with a pee, it’s a pretty severe amount. There is no doubt that he has excellent performance, such as skills and attributes, so let’s raise him to the point where he can elevate himself during the period!

[Puzzle & Dragons]* Caution for spoilers “Spirit of spinning stars” New interpretation of the character! In fact, super great characters that can be obtained relatively easily!

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Check out this article!

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Generally, “King Diamond Dragon” is a typical example …