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R6M: Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Mobile


Rainbow Six Mobile is coming to your smartphones very soon. Source: Ubisoft

Today, April 5, Ubisoft officially announced that a development team is working on a mobile adaptation of the popular tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Actually, this is not an April Fool’s joke posted too late. The title is obviously called Rainbow Six Mobile or just R6M for short. The aim of the project is to bring the competitive and tactical first-person shooter closer to an even larger target group around the world, according to the first Ubisoft Entertainment blog post.

Therefore, players should be able to access Rainbow Six Siege whenever and wherever they want and enjoy the “immersive FPS experience”. Rainbow Six Mobile is being developed at Ubisoft Studio Montreal. While it shares offices with the developers working on the PC version, it is an independent team made up of “experienced people in the world of AAA console and mobile gaming.”

The team was rebuilt for Rainbow Six Mobile and is focused exclusively on this game. The emphasis on this aspect seems to be extremely important to those responsible, so that no Siege fan could get the idea that the development or maintenance of Rainbow Six Siege on PC could be affected by the recently announced mobile title.

similarities and differences

On the surface, Rainbow Six Mobile is said to be very similar to Rainbow Six Siege, but technically it will run on a completely new framework. Consequently, the technology was designed with a focus on mobile devices in order to offer, among other things, a completely new game control system. But the user interface has also been optimized and the visual presentation has been changed.

However, both the operator and the card and game system are similar. Also in Rainbow Six Mobile, two teams, each made up of five characters, will compete against each other in the well-known attacker-defender model.

The following maps have already been confirmed:

The following operators must be present at launch:

  • Ash
  • Sled
  • Twitter
  • termite
  • hibana
  • cave
  • bandit
  • Smoke
  • valkyrie
  • be quiet

This list will be constantly expanded to include other familiar names and faces. Where “familiar faces” is relative to seeing. Because if we take a look at the published images of the characters, we can definitely see a clear difference from the counterparts in Rainbow Six Siege.

rainbow six mobile operators
The first ten operators for Rainbow Six Mobile have already been determined. Source: Ubisoft

The developers go on to explain that they don’t want Siege fans to stop playing the game on PC or console. Rather, they want to “give you the opportunity to play your beloved game in short, easily accessible bursts, while at the same time allowing millions of new gamers to enjoy the R6 experience.”

After three years of internal development, now is the right time to announce the game and share the information with the community. Without this, it is not possible to create the best possible R6 experience for mobile devices. This is exactly why the first live tests on iOS and Android will take place in the coming weeks to gather initial feedback. Those interested can register now through the official home page.

Rainbow Six Mobile Announcement Trailer

Ubisoft also has a first trailer up its sleeve for Rainbow Six Mobile. This shows that many of the core gameplay mechanics from Rainbow Six Siege will also be available in the mobile version of the game. You can lean around corners, rappel down from buildings, discover the positions of vantage points with drones, place gadgets, traps, and defense mechanisms, and of course, strengthen or destroy many walls.

Of course, it remains to be seen how well all of this will work on smartphones. While the operators will start with their normal settings, their normal input devices and monitors will not be available to you as usual.

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