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RAI takes #futsalEURO 2022: DOWNLOAD THE FULL CALENDAR |  Live football 5

RAI usually takes #futsalEURO 2022: Download THE Entire CALENDAR | Live soccer 5

UEFA has formalized the stations for Euro 2022, scheduled for January 19 to February 6 in the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Groningen. Tv rights acquired by RAI, in our country. Max Italia will debut on Thursday, January 20 in Groningen towards Finland (by now confronted and crushed 2 times in the Major Spherical). On Monday 24 (at 5.30pm, once again in Groningen) the match in opposition to Slovenia, right before closing the team stage towards Kazakhstan on Friday, January 28, all over again in Groningen, yet again at 5.30pm. This is the whole schedule:


Wednesday, January 19: Team A
Serbia – Portugal (5:30 p.m., Amsterdam)
Netherlands – Ukraine (20:30, Amsterdam)

Thursday January 20: Group B
Kazakhstan – Slovenia (17:30, Groningen)
Italy – Finland (20:30, Groningen)

Friday, January 21: Team C
Russia – Slovakia (17:30, Amsterdam)
Poland – Croatia (20:30, Amsterdam)

Saturday January 22: Group D
Georgia – Azerbaijan (14:30, Groningen)
Spain – Bosnia and Herzegovina (17:30, Groningen)

Sunday January 23: Group A
Serbia – Ukraine (14:30, Amsterdam)
Portugal v Netherlands (5:30 pm, Amsterdam)

Monday, January 24: Team B
Italy – Slovenia (17:30, Groningen)
Finland – Kazakhstan (20:30, Groningen)

Tuesday, January 25: Team C
Croatia v Russia (5:30 pm, Amsterdam)
Poland v Slovakia (20:30, Amsterdam)

Wednesday, January 26: Team D
Bosnia ed Erzegovina – Georgia (17:30, Groningen)
Spain v Azerbaijan (20:30, Groningen)

Friday, January 28: Team B- Group A
Kazakhstan – Italy (17:30, Groningen)
Slovenia – Finland (17:30, Amsterdam)
Ukraine – Portugal (20:30, Groningen)
Netherlands – Serbia (20:30, Amsterdam)

Saturday January 29: Team C- Team D
Slovakia v Croatia (2:30 pm, Groningen)
Russia – Poland (14:30, Amsterdam)
Georgia v Spain (5:30 p.m., Groningen)
Azerbaijan – Bosnia and Herzegovina (17:30, Amsterdam)

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Monday January 31st:
QF1: Winner of Team B – Second Group A (time to be decided, Amsterdam)
QF2: Winner of Group A vs. Second Group B (time to be determined, Amsterdam)

Tuesday, February 1:
QF3: Winner of Group C – Next Team D (time to be made a decision, Amsterdam)
QF4: Winner of Team D – 2nd Group C (time to be made a decision, Amsterdam)

Friday, February 4:
SF1: Winner QF2 – QF4 (time to be decided, Amsterdam)
SF2: Winner QF1 v Winner QF3 (time to be decided: Amsterdam)

Last 3rd / Initial Area
Sunday February 6
3rd spot end: Loser SF1 v Loser SF2 (2.30 pm, Amsterdam)

Closing: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (17:30 Amsterdam)

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