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Rainbow Six: Y7S1 Launch – Two Dates for Demon Veil


Two dates are currently realistic for the start of the Demon Veil Season. Source: Ubisoft

The weekend not only saw the spectacular finale of the Six Invitational 2022, during which TSM was able to be crowned Rainbow Six Siege E-Sports World Champion. Ubisoft also presented fans of the in-house tactical shooter with some early information and details about the game’s upcoming and seventh year.

Among other things, we were presented with details about new content such as a completely new map, the Team Deathmatch game mode, and the new defender Azami, which in turn integrates a completely new gameplay mechanic into the game. But when does the first season start in year 7, which will make Azami playable, among other things?

Two theories, two dates

There are currently two theories circulating on the Internet, which we will briefly present to you in this article. Y7S1 has already entered the test server yesterday, Monday, February 21, 2022, and is already allowing dedicated fans to try upcoming content. However, there is still no final date on when the new season, which goes by the name “Demon Veil”, will start on the live servers.

However, as always, players are of course very interested in knowing when the new year and the new season will start in Rainbow Six Siege. And as always happens, a screenshot is said to have already appeared on the web, which should give us more information about it. Supposedly, a screenshot of the upcoming Battlepass appeared, which will be available alongside the new season. This screenshot shows the date of March 8, 2022, the day Operation Demon Veil could begin.

This is backed up by the fact that said date isn’t just a “typical Update Tuesday”, but two weeks would be a very realistic timeframe to analyze Demon Veil in sufficient detail on the test server. In addition, an official statement from Ubisoft could also talk about this date. An info graphic for the Year 7 Pass, which replaces the feature previously known as the Season Pass, can be called up directly in-game via the main menu.

rainbow 6 year 7 pass
The only official reference to the beginning of Year 7 in Rainbow Six. Source: Ubisoft

The Year 7 Pass is available for purchase until March 21, 2022 and includes not only all four Year 7 Operators with 14-day early access, but also access to all four Year 7 Battle Passes. exclusive customization bonuses and a 30 percent bonus on Battle Points scored in your games. March 8-21 would be almost exactly two more weeks, which could coincide with the 14 days of early access promised to all new operators.

But a longer test?

Alternatively, it could also be argued that then The first new operator can be implemented with the sale of all Year 7 Passes, as this guarantees full 14-day early access to Azami and all other operators for all purchasers. Therefore, Y7S1, the start of the first Battle Pass and therefore also the implementation of Azami, could only take place in exactly one month, on March 22, 2022, also on a Tuesday.

This period of four weeks on the test server before the official start of the new season of Rainbow Six Siege does not seem too far-fetched and even within a realistic framework. What do you think? Will the next season start in two or four weeks?

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