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Random: Wow, PS5 really makes the switch smaller

Random: Wow, PS5 really makes the switch smaller

Journalists and influencers are already Got Sony’s latest PlayStationAnd yesterday, it was flooded with images of new glossy consoles. Many of them are explained in a very straightforward manner. Absolute unit is.

The PS5 is the largest PlayStation ever in terms of size and a next-generation rival. Xbox series X..But that’s a comparison with the lucky Nintendo Switch Really Confess how huge this console is. IGN Arranging them side by side, the difference in scale is remarkable.

But then of course is. The switch is a mobile technology-based hybrid console that can be played on the move. And It’s pretty clear that the PS5 will be on your TV Big boy – But the fact that it’s so big is still, especially considering that these two machines will compete for the same audience since Christmas this year, especially despite the technical gap that exists between them. Somewhat surprising (especially for reports) Switch updated in 2021 It’s in money).

Veteran gamers are clearly well aware that the PS5 and Xbox Series X (and in fact the Series S) represent a significant generational leap beyond the switch (remember, grunts). Already lagging behind the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of points), the average panter (or parent) has much less knowledge. You’ll probably think twice about investing in a PS5 when you realize that you need to upgrade your IKEA TV unit to support it. Instead, a less powerful (but probably more versatile) switch?

By the way, based on these pictures, Nintendo’s products Lots Easy to integrate into a TV cabinet.