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Razer Gaming Mask, the product name decided to be "Razer Zephyr".  Beta test participant recruitment started |  AUTOMATION

Razer Gaming Mask, the product name decided to be “Razer Zephyr”. Beta test participant recruitment started | AUTOMATION

Gaming equipment manufacturer Razer announced on August 7 that the official name of the skin product, previously called “Project Hazel,” has been decided as “Razer Zephyr.” Additionally, it said it would conduct a community beta test to further improve the launch and began recruiting participants.

The Razer Zephyr was prototyped as Project Hazel at the CES 2021 consumer electronics show in January this year. It is a high-performance mask that is equipped with an electric ventilation system and complies with the N95 standard, and is characterized by the fact that the user’s mouth can be seen through a transparent material. An anti-fog coating is also applied. It also has a built-in microphone and amplifier to prevent your voice from being choked and difficult to hear.

In addition, the light inside the mask glows in the dark. Users can customize the lighting with the Razer Chroma RGB, which can illuminate suspiciously, including the perimeter of the fan. Specifications like showing the user’s mouth and preparing a microphone make communication easier, but due to its innovative design, it was called a “game mask” at the time of the announcement and became a hot topic (Related article)。


Then, Razer announced its commercialization for E3, and this time announced the official name of the product, Razer Zephyr. During this time, it seems that some designs have been revised maintaining the original concept. It can be seen that the ear hook that is used for wearing has also been changed to two bands that are turned and attached to the back of the head. It will be further refined with feedback from the community who participated in the upcoming beta test.

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The retail version of the Razer Zephyr will begin shipping in limited quantities in the fourth quarter of this year, and the community beta test announced this time is dedicatedSpecial placeYou can apply from. Winners are required to submit comments to Razer, including the photos they use, and those photos can be shared with fans on the company’s SNS.

It is not clear if Japan can participate in the beta test, but the application form also allows you to select Japan. If you want to try the game skin as soon as possible, why not order it? By the way, Razer also handles ordinary cloth skins, which can also be purchased from the official Japan store.