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Read how Swedish Youtuber PewDiePie became so popular



For the last five years, everyone is trying to be part of the youtube channel race and promoting their channels so that they can generate side sources to earn money. If you also intend to be in this race then it’s better to gain information through so that you know what exactly is demanded by common people. The popularity of youtube channels just elevated the video marketing making it easy for the common public to create their channel without much trouble. Gaming in Sweden is roaring and numerous people make their channels around gaming either a tutorial kind or the review kind channels. This is because the younger generation is attracted to video gaming and stuff related to it.

PewDiePie_a prevalent Swedish youtube channel

The Swedish man from the name Felix Arvid got highly popular just because of his channel from the name “PewDiePie“. He is famous for the recreation of video games and for his funny videos which he formats and even comedic shows. His popularity made him a remarkable content creator and he gets media attention as a kind of celebrity. He was regarded as an influential person in 2016 by Time magazine. He started his channel in 2010 and bought content related to action games and horror videos. Later he included music videos, formatted shows, comedy shorts and vlogs and now he diverted his content entirely to media disputes and controversies.

Style of PewDiePi

Felix responds to scary and dangerous video games on camera, this made him popular among people and gave him loyal fans. As time passed the trends changed and he added comedy videos, commentary and vlogs and started using irony and in-jokes. Currently, he has 111 million subscribers and he entertains people using a sarcastic style and adds a little bit more in every video. Besides that, every video he posts on his channels crosses millions of views and likes and the extent of getting dislikes is less. This means more people like the content he creates and fewer people dislike it.

The usefulness of Youtube channel

There is so much competition concerning the effective running of youtube channels. If you have got the brain to bring the content that instantly grabs the concentration of people then you surely can beat all your rivals. The most basic benefit of the youtube channels is that people can watch diverse content coming from diverse sources which enhances the exposure of the user. Besides that, the tutorial kind of content solves problems of people which compels them to visit again and again different channels and reviews kind of videos tell people the features of products and their disadvantages and points.

Youtube as a revenue source

If you are jobless or employed but earn less then giving the youtube channel a try might be beneficial for you. But to earn through the channel you need to attract an audience and should complete the watch hour requirement and then nothing can stop you.


If you want to be famous then create quality content and publish it on your youtube channel and also generate enormous revenue just like PewDiePi.

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