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Readers pick the best smartphone camera in a blind test

In the first part of the blind test, the ComputerBase community has already diligently voted and chosen the best photos from today’s smartphone cameras. In part 2, eight more reasons must be evaluated and a winner chosen again. Also included this time is a series of challenging night shots.

successful first round

A total of 2,019 members of the ComputerBase forum, minus the abstentions in the first part of the blind test, cast 12,479 votes across eight reasons and thus participated in the first half of the voting. Of these, 1,264 members or 63 percent cast a vote for each of the eight grounds.

For the sake of clarity, the blind test is done in two rounds this time, because otherwise 112 photos would have to be evaluated in one go. Among the eight new motifs that can now be voted on, this time there is also a series of night shots.

How the photos were taken

The following applies to all photos: All smartphones involved in the test were operated with their current software (as of March 28) and the default camera settings in automatic mode. This time, the photos were not resized to the lowest common denominator to hide the source, because all the smartphones involved take photos with a resolution of around 12 MP. The files were only changed to the extent that the removal of the EXIF ​​​​data means that no conclusions can be drawn about the smartphone used in each case.

The original recordings can be downloaded individually via the download link in each image or in a package via the download at the bottom of the article.

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Any ComputerBase member registered in the forum can participate in the polls. Only one favorite can be selected per survey. If you only want to see the results without influencing the survey, you can select “Abstention (show result)“. Each of the surveys has a duration of four days (four times 24 hours) from the publication of the article and, consequently, they close on April 12 at 12:00.

Reason 9 – Humboldthafen Bridge Berlin Central Station

Motive 10 – Graffiti Margarete-Steffin-Straße

Motive 11 – St. Marienkirche door decoration

Reason 12 – Schönhauser Allee Elevated Railway

Reason 13 – Kastanienallee Restaurant

Reason 14 – Prater Restaurant

Reason 15 – RambaZamba Kulturbrauerei Theater

Reason 16 – Backyard Greifswalder Straße

Evaluation before Easter

The publication of the evaluation of all the votes, the disclosure of the participating smartphones and the announcement of the winner or winners is scheduled for the days before the Easter weekend. The editors would like to thank all the participants.

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