Can Realm Royale Give Fortnite A Tough Competition?

After giving up all the hopes on Paladins, Hi-Rez Studios is back with its Battle Royale game, Realm Royale. The gameplay of Realm Royale is pretty similar to Fortnite. However, there are some differences which set apart these two games.

Realm Royale was released a week ago and it is still in Alpha mode. Meaning we will see a lot of game’s content in the future.

Realm Royale gameplay

Realm Royale is different from other Battle Royale genre games. Different in a sense that there are skills and abilities involved in the game. You have to choose a type of class out of five classes before you load yourself on the bus.

The five classes are:

  • Warrior – Passive: gain 5 health per second
  • Mage – Passive: gain 30% potion effectiveness
  • Hunter – Passive: gain 10% swap speed and reload speed
  • Assassin – Passive: gain 10% ground speed
  • Engineer – Passive: gain 5 armor per second
Realm Royale
Credits: Vaaju

After selecting a specific class, you along with 99 players on the map have to loot treasure boxes and find weapons and abilities. There are two slots for weapons while the rest of the three are for skill set. There are different skills that you can equip like invisibility, short teleportation etc. Each skill has a certain cooldown when you use it while the weapon has the unlimited amount of ammunition (though you do have to reload the gun). Every weapon and skill has its own rarity. The more the rarity of the weapon/skill, the more will have its effect. You can also use a horse mount every now and then.

Can Realm Royale stand against Fortnite?

A lot of people are raising this question whether or not Realm Royale can withstand against the king of Battle Royale genre, Fortnite. If we consider the gameplay, then definitely Fortnite is way more complicated than Realm Royale.

Let’s start with the basics. You have six slots for the weapons and stuff while four slots for building the walls. An additional slot is for Launch Pads, Traps etc. That makes a total of 11 slots that you have to use in the game. Unlike Fortnite, Realm Royale has only five main slots. This difference makes Realm Royale a bit easy to play and understand for the beginners.

As far as the game mechanics are concerned, Fortnite is once again, a complex game. Consider taking a Sniper or Rifle shot from a distance, you’ll find that the projectile of the bullet is not straight. It means that you have to aim slightly above the target in order to secure the kill. On Realm Royale, there is no such thing as the projectile. You just have to predict where your target will make the next move and then, you can take him down with Sniper, Crossbow, or Shotgun.

Hi-Rez Studios has targetted the game towards the beginners who are new to the world of Battle Royale. The executive producer of the game, Rory Newbrough mentioned at E3 2018 that Realm Royale has already managed to get position four on SteamCharts for the current players count.

The last point goes in the favor of Fortnite and that is, different platforms. Unlike Realm Royale which is only available for PC, Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and iOS. The availability of Fortnite on different platforms means there will be more users playing the game and hence, increase in the popularity.

Realm Royale has indeed made a significant progress in the first week. However, to secure its position in the eSports industry and challenge Fortnite, the game has still a long way to go.