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Reasons to quit video games


I’m a self-proclaimed gamer and I’m proud of it, but recently I’ve noticed that I’m probably playing too much.

Two weeks ago, during an online church service, I talked about fasting from non-food sources such as social media and television. It raised me the question why not try fast from video games. The time I’m playing will be better anyway.

So next week I’ll be playing very little video games and only a limited amount of space for work-related projects.

Eliminating cold turkeys in video games, or at least significantly reducing them, seemed dramatic, especially for streamers and esports journalists, but increased productivity, extended reading time, improved sleep, and tired eyes. I also noticed possible benefits such as resting. A new connection with reality.Frankly, I was spending too much time in the world call of Duty..

I will never quit video games, but I hope that when I return from fasting, I will be able to set boundaries and learn to be content with time offline.

I admit that I sometimes play video games when I should be working. When the deadline for work is approaching, the stress is carried over to the game, so playing is not so much fun. But next week I decided to suspend the video game. My time is open and I can produce higher quality works.

Many of us decided to read more during the pandemic, But we haven’t reached our goal. If you achieve your reading goals, I commend your efforts. I’m in the camp of the missing people, and many of them were related to video games, and it seemed more exciting than reading. The more I played, the less I wanted to read. Now, with more downtime, you’re much more likely to pick up the book you intended to read.

I mentioned earlier that sleep is very important to the patient Duchenne muscular dystrophy..Need extra time to recover from muscle tension during the day.. scientist believe Bright lights, such as those emitted by video games, can interfere with sleep or To increase The time it takes to fall asleep.

And video games don’t always help us sleep well anyway. In addition, I’m already struggling to fall asleep using a BiPAP machine, so any additional help I can get is welcome.

Sabbatical from video games also gives my eyes time to recover after looking at the screen all day long. Everything I do for work is on the screen, and returning to the screen at the end of the day is sometimes overkill.Extended screen display can Cause According to CBS News, eye muscles become tense, halving the rate of blinking, causing dryness.

At the time of writing this article, I’ve only been off video games for half a week, so I haven’t got a verdict on profits yet. But that gave me more time to actually work. You can talk face-to-face with your parents or take your wheelchair outdoors. It’s not that I couldn’t do these things with video games before, but now I’m aware of the need to get away from my desk. I realized that being trapped in my room wasn’t the right way to spend my time.

I haven’t finished playing video games forever and I’m not against playing them. But by pausing them in my life, I’ve become more respectful of what I do outside my computer monitor.

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Hawken is a young journalist with a recent graduation from the University of Southern California and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He previously worked for The Washington Post, The Sacramento Bee, KTLA 5 News, and USC Annenberg Media. When not writing a column, he reports on rare illness-related news for BioNews, the publisher of this website.

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