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Reddit crowns favorite gaming topic of the year: Surprise, it's Elden Ring

Reddit crowns favorite gaming topic of the year: Surprise, it’s Elden Ring

elden ring not only did it win the Game Award for best game of the year, but it has also been the most popular gaming topic on Reddit.

Elden Ring wins first place again

The r/eldenring subreddit was the most viewed of all gaming subreddits in 2022. Even outside of gaming, Elden Ring ranked 8th of all subreddits overall.

Last year, players interacted more on the subreddit than genshin impact. This year, r/genshin_impact still ranked fifth in games.

Also lost ark is a big winner this year. The r/lostarkgame subreddit rose to fourth place among the most viewed subreddits in the gaming category.

As has already become evident in previous years, games are becoming more and more popular. On Reddit, 30.9 million subscribers frolicked on the r/gaming subreddit. The theme thus ranks fourth worldwide in all categories of the platform.

In Germany, the most popular game theme is, by the way. League of Legends. It ranks eighth out of all topics on Reddit.

You can find more numbers besides betting on the Reddit blog post.