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release date, apk, gameplay ... what we know

release date, apk, gameplay … what we know

Through Julien’s Gavel

Nth license to be carried out on mobile devices, Rocket League will soon be entitled to a version for iOS and Android. However, to adapt to the screens of mobile devices, the game will change many of its mechanics. APK, download and gameplay – this is all we know.

A port of Rocket League on mobile devices – nothing is official yet, but very reliable information is now known. Epic games (which bought the studio behind Rocket League) would have indeed ordered a portable iteration of the soccer / car game, as revealed during the Apple vs. Epic case, in court.

Rocket League Mobile Release Date: June 30, 2021

A release date for this new mobile game has yet to be officially advanced, and it is not. not announced yet. But for a while now, rumors have been circulating as the game is still out of print on PC and consoles, while new content is getting weirder …

So the developers were supposed to be working on creating a Rocket League on mobile, but nothing to confirm it. Until the beginning of May 2021! During the trial between Apple Y Epic games about microtransactions Fortnite, considered contrary to the established rules of the App Store, an internal document reveals:

  • Two new mobile products
  • “Rocket League Next”, multiplatform experience between consoles, PC and mobiles
  • TO mobile beta version preceded by an alpha version, released between the April 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021
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Therefore, the launch of a first version of Rocket League on mobile devices would be scheduled before June 30, 2021.. Ideal calendar to announce a project of this type during E3 2021, which is taking place exactly at this moment …


Rocket League mobile APK, download: how to play?

So for now Unable to get the .APK file of the game, or to download any demo. However, the above document states that a beta version will be released in the “second quarter of 2021”, between April and June.

The thesis of a surprise announcement at E3 with immediate availability is plausible, which would also follow big changes for the classic game on consoles and PC.

Other popular games will also be available on mobile devices soon:

  1. League of Legends
  2. Apex legends

Rocket League Sideswipe: another ‘Rocket League’ game on mobile

Please note that a full game is already planned for iOS and Andoid. Rocket League side scrolling It is scheduled for 2021 and is already formalized. More original title, so he would be accompanied by his brother that we talked about earlier to gift 2 Rocket League games on mobile.

Sideswipe promises easier controls than on PC and game modes limited to 1v1 or 2v2. The gameplay will be a little different, with a lot of goals to score.