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Release date, gameplay, invitations, etc.


Minecraft 1.17 will be a big moment in the series, rebuilding many important gameplay features.

Updates include a whole new cave generation system, new resources, new mobs, animals and more. So it’s an understandable player to dive into Minecraft 1.17 Beta.

But how do players receive invitations and when will the beta start?

Minecraft 1.17 Beta

Minecraft 1.17 Beta provides players with insights into the most important Minecraft updates since the Nether rework.

Let’s look at the details.

Release date

Minecraft 1.17 Beta is running on Bedrock Edition Windows 10, Xbox One and Android.

Each phase of the beta introduces a variety of gameplay features, so you can expect even more after this first phase.

We don’t have a release date for future phases yet, but stay tuned to stay up to date.


Minecraft 1.17 Beta is under the opt-in system. So how do players opt in?

Important information about Minecraft 117 Beta

for Windows For players, you can opt in to the beta from the Xbox Insider Hub app.

Mojang has put together a video that guides you through this process. This can be seen below.

for Xbox One Players, the process is very similar. Simply opt in to the beta using the Xbox Insider Hub app and start playing.

for Android Players and processes are a little different. You need to opt in to beta from the Minecraft Google Play store page.


Minecraft 1.17 Beta evolves over time through various phases, but Phase 1 has only some of the upcoming gameplay features.

Phase 1 includes a new goat and new powder snow mechanic in the game.

Minecraft 117 Mountain Beta Goat 1

Goats take on interesting challenges as they bump into nearby objects. This means that if you choose the wrong scaffold, you may be sent from the mountain in a short order.

However, goats do the same for hostile mobs. So, in theory, it can provide protection from creepers and the like.

Powder Snow adds a whole new feel to Minecraft weather conditions. Players can get lost in the snow and it is naturally difficult to move through snowy areas.

Powder Snow Cave & amp; Cliff

It’s easy to see if Mojang will push new tests into the first phase of the beta and then move on to the second phase.

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