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Remove ads on Android: how to do it


In this article we will see how remove advertising on Android. The ads that appear on our Android screens aren’t just annoying. These, in fact, can be potentially dangerous. They can cause problems, slow down the performance of your phone, they can let in harmful viruses or open a door – systems that could be used to enter your system. So it is important to find out the correct ways to remove ads on Android and keep your device safe.

In this article we talk about

How to block advertising in the browser

How to remove advertising on Android? Ads can appear in virtually any application on Android devices, however, different types of browsers, such as Google Chrome The Mozilla, are the most vulnerable of all applications. Like their desktop counterparts, in fact, they are regularly exposed to a host of advertisements online, from pop-ups to intrusive advertisements.

However, there are several solutions to fix this annoying problem. remove advertising on android. Android version of Google ChromeFor example, it uses an ad blocking mechanism that protects against most intrusive ads, but it is not a default setting, so you need to activate it by clicking on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of your browser and then going on the article site settings, continues in advertisements and allow ad blocking.

However, although Chrome it has some ad blocking features, it doesn’t work perfectly. One solution, which is also valid for other browsers, is to download ad blocking extensions, which include Adblock The blocking, which operate on a local VPN so you can filter all traffic on your smartphone, removing ads more effectively than using the Chrome me Mozilla.

Unfortunately, these apps are not found on the Play Store, so you will need to download them from the official website, but you must have enabled the device for installation from unknown sources first.

Another very good method to block advertising on android it is simply using a web browser with built-in ad blocking capabilities; an example is Opera and even Adblock has its own independent web browser.

How to block advertising in applications

Ads on the smartphone are sadly an evil that, in part, must be endured. Many apps, in fact, provide free services and content, which someone pays to keep them active. Therefore, advertising is necessary for the free use of the product.

However, sometimes the ads that appear when using the apps can be really annoying and often make the user experience less pleasant. But even for apps, there are various methods to block these nasty ads and remove ads on Android. So let’s see how to remove advertising on Android in this case.

These methods can work for both rooted and non-rooted devices, just use additional apps or act directly on a File Manager for example. Astro File Manager, but any other file manager will still be fine.

One of those applications is Add Block Plus. This tool is useful for blocking all the ads that may appear on your device, including those that appear in various applications and games.

It is an open source application, which allows you to authorize certain non-intrusive advertisements. This app works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. The only problem is that for the installation of this application, the device must also allow applications from unknown sources, since it is no longer present in the Google Play Store.

To set this setting, you need to go to Settings> Applications (or Security in 4.0 and later) on the Android device. Go to article install unknown apps, you have to tap OK in the confirmation pop-up window. The Android device is ready to install the ad blocker.

At this point, by opening any browser on the device, you can download Adblock Plus via APK file. Once installed, the app will start blocking all unwanted ads.

Modifying the DNS

Another method to remove Android ads in apps and games is to use the “hosts” file, but this method only works for rooted devices.

The “hosts” file is a text file in an operating system to map to host nomi (like to your IP address. Whenever you try to start a website using the hostname, the operating system will generally look for the “hosts” file to find the corresponding IP address first.

If the search is successful, the assigned IP address is used; otherwise, a query is sent to the Domain Name Service (DNS) to find the IP address of that host name.

This is a very functional procedure, since it allows the blocking of most ads, but it is very complex and intended for more experienced users. Let us be careful, therefore, if we want to use this system against the mobile advertising wave smartphone advertising.

What to do to remove malware

Using smartphones for just about everything now, the devices contain a wealth of sensitive information and data that could be put at risk if it falls into the wrong hands.
Therefore, you must prevent malware from entering your Android. There are several signs that tell us that a smartphone has malware: the phone tends to overheat, the performance of the phone tends to be too slow, the battery drains faster than usual, the applications open too slowly, and the pop-up ads are show frequently. , sometimes with inappropriate content.

In the case of malware, you have to proceed in several ways: firstly, uninstalling all suspicious applications, secondly, removing unknown files from downloads. However, since cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to invade our privacy and steal data, the best security efforts will never be enough.

Therefore, the most effective way to protect your device and remove ads on Android is to install aanti-malware app trustworthy. In Google Play there are several, with recognized brands (Avast, Avira, AVG), which have created interesting versions for smartphones, very useful.

Tips to prevent adware

To remove advertising on Android, we also need to know the details about the adware. Very dangerous are also adware, advertising-supported software, which automatically generates advertisements on the screen and is installed silently on the smartphone, so that the user clicks on an advertisement and thus third parties can track browsing and personal information.

The hardware in a smartphone causes what causes a virus infestation and can be deeply integrated into rootkit systems to make removal difficult.

There are several products that allow you to remove adware, such as Kapersky Internet Security, which scans the system and removes adware, thus avoiding appearing advertising banners on Android unwanted and reducing the possibility of other problems.


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