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Renewal of ownership: Cohen still wants SNY

Photo: Wall Street Journal

Friday night, CNBC’s David Farber We tweeted that almost every Mets fan has been listening and waiting since the bidding process started.

As the dust settled down, more information was leaked about Cohen’s bid. Scott Soshnik sporty Cohen $2.35 billion (Forbes valued this franchise as $2.4 billion).

This is a drop from the $2.6 billion valuation he provided to Mets in December, but could be far worse for Mets given the original news report on the current climate and weak bids. did. In the end, however, Cohen earned Mets $250 million less than originally planned and moved Wilpons out of the building five years before the original contract.

Another tip this morning is on Charles Gasparino Fox businessThe voting rights, with the addition of Mr. Cohen, were approved by the MLB and the process will be in November. Gasparino added On top of that, Cohen will take a step by buying SNY after he officially owns the team.

The last part of housekeeping is that the Bill Shear family is interested in the small interests of the franchise. Scott Soshnik.. Bill Shea was originally given the opportunity to own 25% of the Mets, but gave it away. His grandson Scott is trying to win some stock in the franchise to honor the history of his family.

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