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Rennes.  "You can't catch me", the video game on your phone that pokes fun at confinement

Rennes. “You can’t catch me”, the video game on your phone that pokes fun at confinement

At the end of 2020, in Rennes, it was while playing with his children that a digital enthusiast had the idea of ​​creating a video game about confinement. After several months of work, “You Can’t Catch Me” is now available on smartphones (iPhone and Android) or tablets.

Software architect in a large telecommunications group, when he has free time, Vincent Ogloblinsky likes to dive into in new universes digital.

A passion he used to design multimedia platforms and, for the second time, a video game for mobile devices. The idea arose when France was going through its second confinement.

“I was trying to occupy my 5, 6 and 9 year old children, making them discover the video games that I played with when I was little. And then discussing what we were going through, the restrictions, the papers, filling in to move, we said: What if we tried to turn it into a game? “

A game for young and old … confined

Thus was born “You can’t catch me”. The objective of the game is simple: you go out to do some shopping or to pick up your children from school, but you must avoid the police controls that at any moment can slow down your progress, or even penalize you with a fine. Any resemblance to a certain reality is, of course, voluntary!

We were amused to be able to make fun of this period that was not necessarily very pleasant to live for many people.“confirms its creator.

Trailer you can’t catch me

The stage stopped, then it was necessary to get down to work. It took several months, and to achieve his ends, Vincent Ogloblinsky had to improvise as a developer, game designer, 3D modeler, sound designer … “I’m quite curious, self-taught by nature, so I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, digging, experimenting. I know there are more ambitious, more successful, more professional projects. Me, it was a challenge, and I also did it for fun.”

You Can’t Catch Me has been available for a week on mobile platforms. ios and Android. Free for both first level. Vincent Ogloblinsky has already planned an update, with a new city and tougher police.

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