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Renovate and furnish your own medieval castle at Castle Flipper

Renovate and furnish your own medieval castle at Castle Flipper

If you know House Flipper, the simulation game that allows you to renovate barracks in the United States, here is its medieval version of Castle Flipper, where you play as a real craftsman who must give new life to the castle.

Ultimate Game SA n’est pas à court d’idées pour trouver toujours plus de thematiques de jeux qui émulent toutes the possible activites de l’être humain peu import the period (et pour mon plus grand plaisir d’obsédé limited malsain du genre «simulation tapped au ground “). So after editing some fishing, home burglary, prayer (with Priest Simulator, yeah), or motorhome jump simulation (I swear that’s true), here is Castle Flipper, a kind of House Flipper but in medieval times.

So watch out, the editor tells me in his email that I am abusing.

It is not just a simple “Medieval House Flipper”, it is also a building game that allows players to build complete and complex castles from scratch with other people.

Out for now in early access on PC, the game is also slated to hit consoles later in the year, with an announced arrival on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

The least we can say from the sight of these game images is that it is far from ugly. It remains to be seen if the game is as addictive as you expect. As a reminder, House Flipper is a fairly advanced simulation game that allows you to buy and renovate homes from floor to ceiling, at the end making a sum of different clicks linked to painting, upholstery, destruction or rewiring.

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The advantage of medieval times is that we will also find ourselves cutting firewood in the forest to rearrange our little castle, the presentation video is also quite reminiscent of survival as Valheim … If you want to make a decision, the game is available at -15% for launch.