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Report: Amedrosario will play multiple “probable” positions in 2021

But Amedro Rosary Rookie’s prominence reduced his playing time in 2020 Andres Gimenez, Mets seems to be looking for a way to keep the Rosary in the field in 2021.

Looking back at the age of 25 This season’s efforts, It becomes clear why the play time has decreased.

On the offensive side, young shortstops have retreated significantly compared to 2019. Walks decreased and strikeouts increased (.12 walk to strikeout ratio). There was nothing about stealing (he was once caught stolen).

Defensively Rosario actually worked very well. This is evident with the error-free and improved DRS to -3 (37 GS on SS) compared to -10 (151 GS on SS) in 2019, but note the sample size.

Nevertheless, Mets seems confident in the rebound.

According to Joel Sherman of New York postRosario, who plays multiple positions during the 2021 season, “is likely to be on the card,” a Mets official said.

Shortstop was Rosario’s main position, with the exception of the minor’s third-place pass start and left-fielder start.However, the idea of ​​moving the Rosary to the field came to me. Once.

Rosario’s agent, Ulysses Cabrera, also denied reports that Rosario would become a multi-position player for the coming season.

Cabrera told Sherman, “As far as we are concerned, the Amed Rosary was the first shortstop of the New York Mets, and he is exercising and preparing for it that way.”

The Rosary case will undoubtedly be an interesting case in 2021.Report of interest in Mets Indian shortstop Francisco LindorSeems to suggest his move from the Mets shortstop position, coupled with the possibility of Rosario’s repositioning.

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