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Report reveals: WhatsApp knows about you

Report reveals: WhatsApp knows about you


What does WhatsApp know about you? You can find out for yourself with just a few clicks. The messenger reveals in a report what data is stored about you.

What does WhatsApp know about me? You can find out with a few clicks. (Source: netzwelt)

  • You can check WhatsApp what information the messenger stores about you.
  • The report is available in three days.
  • It contains details about your contacts, settings made in Messenger, and your account.

did you know that you WhatsApp get a report that reveals what Messenger knows about you? This option was introduced with the introduction of the GDPR in 2018. So you can Request a report by WhatsApp.

The report is divided into the “User Information”, “Terms of Use”, “Log Information” and “Settings” areas. Under “User information” you will find information about your account, such as your current status, your cell phone number or your profile picture, but also all the phone numbers saved in your phone book and all the WhatsApp groups you are currently in. is a member. .

In the “Terms of Use” item, you will find information about whether and when you have accepted changes to the Messenger Terms of Use. WhatsApp changed its terms in 2016, 2018 and 2021. especially for them WhatsApp received a lot of criticism in 2021 and is still in dispute with the EU about it. By the way, in this section you can also see whether you have agreed to data sharing with Facebook at that time.

The “Login Information” section contains details about your phone and when you used it to log in to WhatsApp. Your current data protection settings are indicated under “Settings”.

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