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Research shows pre-installed apps on Android and iOS are crushing the competition

Research shows pre-installed apps on Android and iOS are crushing the competition

To report the seizure of applications pre-installed on iOS and Android mobile devices, Facebook commissioned a study from analytics company Comscore. This study, conducted in the United States last November / December and published by our colleagues from The edge, uses data regularly collected by Comscore, but also a survey of 4,000 users.

It concludes that 75% of the 20 applications most used in the United States by iOS users are published by Apple. For Android, Google provides 60% of the most used applications. Note that the study does not take into account web browsers, nor the functions built into the operating system, such as Siri.
In addition, it does not take into account the number of hours dedicated to each application. The usage rate alone is not really indicative of a usage. For example, some users can start the calculator, but spend very little time there, while fewer people start the Facebook application but spend tens of minutes there.

The following chart shows the rankings for the use of iOS apps. Figures provided are in millions of monthly active users. We have limited it to the portion of more than 50 million. Apple installs the top eight applications on the iPhone as standard. At the top are the programs to make calls, check the weather forecast and manage your photos. The first program from another publisher is YouTube, which ranks ninth.

The Facebook app is only in twelfth place and is even beaten by the clock and the calculator. Keep in mind that Google’s Gmail program only gets 43.7 million monthly active users, while Instagram and Amazon have 45.9 and 49.4 million respectively.

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On the Android side, Facebook ranks best with a fifth place for its show and a sixth place for the Messenger app.

The three main apps are from Google: Play, Search, and YouTube. When it comes to third-party software in the rest of the ranking, Amazon only gets 45.1 million monthly active users and Instagram ranks at 38.1 million, side by side with Samsung’s calculator (38.5 million).

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Google has not officially commented on these numbers, but Apple has denounced a one-sided study, which was designed to give the false impression that there is little competition in the App Store.
An Apple spokesperson added to our colleagues at The Verge: “The truth is that third-party applications compete with Apple applications in all categories and are very successful. “ But we must not forget that the manufacturer has full control over the publication of applications made by other publishers with its App Store.
Google is in a slightly different case, as it is possible to install apps outside of the Play Store, but users generally search the official store, which is considered more secure.

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