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resident evil 8 village demo verlaengerung

Resident Evil: Your Chance to Play the Final Demo for Longer

You will have more time to play the free RE8 demo! Source: Capcom

Capcom listens to requests from the community! This conclusion can be drawn at least from today’s announcement. Because after numerous calls for an extension of the demo phase planned around the “double demo”, officially called “Final Extended Demo”, which should be available from May 1, this wish is becoming a reality. .

As Capcom announced, you will now have exactly one more week to explore the village from the first demo and Dimitrescu’s castle in combination. There are 60 minutes left that you can move freely in the zones, but now you can choose one of a total of nine days in which you can immerse yourself in the world of Resident Evil 8. Village will officially launch on May 7.

The demo extension in detail

For us Europeans, the length of the combined demo content means that we can start playing on May 2 at 2AM. The extended 60-minute demo will run until May 10 at the same time. In these full nine days, you have the freedom to choose when to use your demo time.

A few days ago we talked to you both about the second part of the demonstration, which takes you to Dimitrescu’s Castle, and about the next combined demonstration. You can play all the test phases on the PS4 or the PS5. By the way, 3D audio as well as ray tracing and adaptive triggers should be used on the next gen console, if you don’t already know.

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More information about the Resident Evil: Village demo:

Starting today: the new RE Village demonstration takes place at Dimitrescu Castle