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Restore Google Drive backup: how it works


With Google Drive, you can back up your data and folders and store them in the cloud online. If you bought a new PC or a new smartphone, you can rebuild your cloud-backed files on your device. Here we will show you how to restore your Google Drive backup.

A new: Backed up backups are removed from Google Drive after one year if they are not renewed.

Restore Google Drive backup on PC

If you want to restore your Google Drive backed up files or folders to your PC, you can do it in a few steps through the web application.

follow our step by step instructions or look at the Quick Start Guide in.

Advice: What Open ZIP files in Windows, get information here. What Open ZIP files on Macwe show it here.

Restore Google Drive Backup to Android Device

You have a new smartphone and want to restore data from your old phone, which you previously backed up to Google Drive, to your new Android device. This only takes a few steps. Unfortunately, this is not directly possible with an iPhone.

follow our step by step instructions or look at the Quick Start Guide in.

Quick Guide: Restore PC Backup

  1. Open google drive in your web browser and sign in with your google account in. Under “my file” Locate the file or folder you want to restore on your computer.
  2. Now click on the selected file or folder with a the right button of the mouse and then go to “Discharge“.
  3. The folder or file will be on your machine local saved. You can open files directly. You must first unzip a folder before you can access the files it contains.

Quick Guide: Restore Android Device from Backup

  1. On the home screen of your smartphone clean up once from top to bottom and tap the gear icon “settings“.
  2. Then scroll down the list to “Users and Accounts” and touch it.
  3. Under “Users and Accounts” You are looking for “Google” and press it once.
  4. The next step is to choose yours. google account outside.
  5. In the “sync settings“touch down”sync now“. Your backup data will be synced to the new device.

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