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Risultati delle finali mondiali di Brawl Stars 2020

Results of the Brawl Stars 2020 World Finals

Results of the Brawl Stars 2020 World Finals

The 2020 Brawl Stars World Finals were played on November 22nd and 23rd. Eight teams from around the world competed for the title of world champions and a share of the $ 1 million prize pool.

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The World Finals were initially to be played at ESL Studio in Katowice, Poland. However, it was moved to an online environment, due to health problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. The eight teams are competing in a knockout group to decide the champion. The 2020 World Finals ended with PSG Esports in first place.

Results of all Brawl Stars World Cup matches

PSG Esports vs INTZ (final)

PSG won 3-0.
  • Catch on Hard Rock Mine: 3-0 PSG
  • Footbrawl su Backyard Bowl: 3-0 PSG
  • Assedio su Some Assembly Required: 3-0 PSG

Tribe Red vs.INTZ (semifinale due)

INTZ won 3-1.
  • Wanted on the Grand Canal: 3-1 INTZ
  • I grabbed Ice Fort: 3-1 Tribe
  • Footbrawl su Triple Dribble: 3-0 INTZ
  • Siege on Olive Branch: 3-0 INTZ

SK Gaming Vs. PSG Esports (semifinal)

PSG Esports won 3-0.
  • Footbrawl on devious fields: 3-0 PSG
  • Siege of Junk Park: 3-0 PSG
  • Cut to Excel: 3-0 PSG

Milan Qlash vs Tribe Red (quarter final four)

Tribe won 3-0.
  • Rapina su Safe Zone: 3-0 Tribe
  • Catch me on Minecart Madness: 3-0 Tribe
  • Siege on Junk Park: 3-1 Tribe

Jupiter vs INTZ (quarter final three)

INTZ won 3-1.
  • Bounty on Snake Prairie: 3-0 Giove
  • Heist on GG Mortuary: 3-0 INTZ
  • Gem Grab su Crystal Arcade: 3-0 INTZ
  • Siege of nuts and bolts: 3-0 INTZ
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CODEMAGIC vs SK Gaming (quarter final two)

SK won 3-1.
  • Catch on Hard Rock Mine: 3-2 SK
  • Footbrawl su Triple Dribble: 3-1 CODEMAGIC
  • Assedio su Some Assembly Required: 3-0 SK
  • Wanted on the Grand Canal: 3-2 SK

PSG Esports vs Nova Esports (quarterfinals)

PSG won 3-0.
  • Footbrawl su Super Stadium: 3-0 PSG
  • Shooting Star Most Wanted: 3-1 PSG
  • Rapina su Kaboom Canyon: 3-1 PSG

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