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RetroN Sq is a cubic console for playing Game Boy titles on your TV.

RetroN Sq is a cubic console for playing Game Boy titles on your TV.

Hyperkin, best known for making gaming peripherals, also clones consoles that allow you to play retro games at the latest resolutions. Currently, a new retro console has been released that allows you to play Game Boy games on your TV. Hyperkin’s RetroNSq (Square) is a console that can play Game Boy, GBC, and GBA cartridges.

RetroN Square includes one wired USB “Scout” controller that is shaped like a SNES controller. Instead of connecting to composite video, RetroN Sq connects to your TV via HDMI in games upscaled to 720p resolution. There are also switches that allow you to switch the aspect ratio to 4: 3 or 16: 9, depending on your preference.

The console allows you to play Game Boy and GBC cartridges natively, but GBA games are listed as “Beta Features”, but no compatible GBA games are listed. There is a memory card slot on the back of the console where you can store your system’s firmware.

The official trade name suggests that it’s supposed to be a square console, but the design looks like a compact Nintendo GameCube in color that exactly plays the Game Boy cartridge, but that’s up to you. Let me do it.

Hyperkin’s Retro NSq will be released on March 25th for $ 75. However, if you already know what you want to buy, you can pre-order the unit at the following URL: Hyperkin website.. Gadgets come in two colors.Black gold“When”Hyper beach, “It looks like turquoise to me.