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Riot Games: Riot Games is preparing its own PC game launcher

Riot Games: Riot Games is preparing its own PC game launcher

Like many other online gaming operators, Riot Games is preparing to launch its own “launcher”, intended to bring together all of its PC games, from League of Legends to Valorant.

Long time, Riot Games was the developer of the only League of Legends. This is no longer the case today, the studio’s game catalog is growing, and obviously Riot Games is taking notice. The study announces next release your own “launcher” destined to bring all your titles under one banner, from League of Legends to Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Crack or valuing.

If all the games of Disturbance are already technically based on a common base, so the group intends to unify its offer within a platform that offers a specific interface and harmonized functionalities (those of current games and others that will come gradually), including in particular automatic updates or access “to important news and updates whenever you want.”
According to the study, “all Riot games will be accessible from this single client”, but clearly aware that the proliferation of game clients is not always very popular with gamers, Riot nevertheless specifies that “if you want, you can keep your current desktop shortcuts to directly access your favorite game ”.

We know the stakes for game customers, who aim to federate a community of players around a brand (and not just around a single game), to better encourage players of one title to discover others. group games. And we imagine the approach is particularly relevant to Riot, of which (almost) all titles are already based on the same universe. It remains to be seen if the players will take the step willingly.
The rollout of this launcher should begin on September 20, but the Riot teams intend to take the time to test it (or even refine or modify it if necessary) before an actual launch scheduled for October 4 if all goes. well. Good, but later if necessary.