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RoboTaxi: On the roads of China ... Robototaxis ...!

RoboTaxi: On the roads of China … Robototaxis …!

Government of China allowed

BEIJING: With the advent of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) around the world, it is well known that revolutionary changes are taking place in many fields. Many countries are interested in providing unmanned services in this order. As part of this, China has gone one step further by approving automated (driver-driven) taxi services. Tech giant Baidu Group, along with another autonomous startup, allowed to commercialize Robotaxi. Initially, taxis could only circulate in the Chinese capital, Beijing. With this, nearly 100 robotoxies will soon be roaming the roads of Beijing.

The Chinese technology company Baidu has developed robotoxic cars under the name ‘Apollo Go’. Baidu has previously launched them on Chinese roads and has been successful. Baidu is pleased to announce the latest official approval for commercial services. These were initially said to be available in residential and commercial areas in Beijing. A Baidu spokesperson said that robotics would be similar to premium cabin services in general. It was revealed that the services of 67 robotic taxis belonging to Baidu can be used at 600 pick-up and drop-off points in the city. China has also allowed Toyota Motors’ Pony.AI to operate robot taxis.

However, Baidu obtained the license to operate robot taxis in May this year. However, the government has given permission to drive within 2.7 km of Beijing. Recently, the entire city of Beijing received the green signal to drive. Baidu has set a goal of expanding Apollo Go services to 65 cities by 2025. Baidu Tech aims to increase its robotics services to nearly 100 cities by 2030.

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